Payam Data Recovery Announce Hard Drive Platter Repair

  Develop a new way to repair hard drive platters that are scratched for data recovery purposes.   Sydney, Australia – November 23, 2015 – Years of baby photos, holiday photos and other data is lost due to platter damage on hard drives. Most people are devastated if they have baby photos, holiday photos, home movies and other personal data they did not backup. We can fix 95% of problems but for the past 50 years, there has been no real solution that works that can fix deep scratches on hard drive platters while still allowing a data recovery company to recover the data – and no data can be read due to the deep scratch on the platters. Payam Data Recovery announces a new way to get all that data back!   Payam Data Recovery aims to research and develop a world 1st method to fix severe damage on hard drive platters but we need your support. There is no company in the world that has a solution for this, the current providers who claim this only do so for marketing hype and we have tested their methods and they do not work. Some companies charge up to $50,000[…]

Source: Announces They Have Updated Their Website To Include A New WordPress Theme

  A dedicated SEO company who helps businesses to improve their search engine rankings and increase traffic for better sales, has updated their website to make it a more welcoming experience, who has become a highly regarded SEO company for small business owners, is pleased to announce they have updated their website. The site no longer uses the Showtime WordPress theme and instead users the more professional looking theme iblogpro.   The SEO experts have been providing SEO services for over eight years, help all sized businesses increase their profile online.   For more information on how to gain more attention for a website through professional SEO services, please visit  

Source: Announce 24 Hour Big Discounts On Reproduction Paintings

One of the leading sellers of reproduction artwork has announced they are offering discounts on all paintings over the value of $200. is offering 10% OFF $200, 15% OFF $400, and 20% OFF $600. However, the sale will end on November 22nd, 2015 where reproduction paintings will go back to their normal price. has become one of the most trusted names in the world of reproduction art. They provide famous reproduction paintings that give people the opportunity to own their very own Vincent van Gogh, Gustav Klimt, Claude Oscar Monet, and Pablo Picasso. Unlike some other reproduction sellers, all the artwork sold on the site has been painted by real artists and has not been mass produced at a factory. The reproduction paintings company prides itself in standing out from the crowd, and that is why they have become one of the most recommended sellers in their field. They keep their prices low and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products sold. offers a shipping service to customers in any part of the world, and all orders will be received no later than 20 days. Some orders can be received within nine days. A spokesman from[…]


SEO Vendor gets the word out about your business with their Search engine optimization experts

  SEO Vendor are Search Engine Optimization consultants which helps in creating new business opportunities and online connections which ultimately helps in expanding the business in new markets and attracting more customers to the client company’s by creating successful SEO and SEM strategies. They help in “crafting online marketing solutions for all types of clients using web design, Search Engine Optimization, Online paid advertising management, content marketing, and social media skills that drive traffic, generate leads, produce sales, and create lasting relationships with customers.” The team of experts of SEO Vendors examines a company’s website and guides the client company regarding the ways they can improve it so that it appears among the first few search engine results. They also help in finding out the best keywords that will attract more visitors to the client company’s website and in turn be converted into actual customers. SEO Vendor’s services include SEO – Search Engine Optimization, SEM – Search Engine Marketing, Audit & Strategy, Web Designing, Link Building, Social Media Content Marketing, Local Business Solutions and On Page Optimization. Designing a successful SEO strategy is very time consuming, it requires a lot of time to get the right SEO strategy, get good[…]