Trip Koala Launches New Travel Photo Sharing Site

  New website gives people the opportunity to share their travel photos. Users of the Trip Koala can upload their images and vote on the pictures photos on the site. The site gives people a great opportunity to see different pictures from around the world. A new travel photo sharing website has been launched to allow people to share their travel photos. Trip Koala gives people the opportunity to share their images with friends, relatives loved ones and other users of the site. The site, which is split into six regions including Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe, Caribbean, and Oceania, allows people to vote for the images photos they like. The site gives people a great opportunity to see what different places are like around the world before they travel. To learn more about Trip Koala and to share images, please visit

Source: Makes Gifts Under $15 Fun, Unique and Unforgettable

  People looking for a special, new way to send a personal message will find the perfect gift at   Hollywood, CA – While email is all the rage, and online Ecards have replaced hand written letters, actually receiving something personal in the mail is basically a thing of the past.  Sadly, outside of orders from, the days of standard mail are mostly dead. There is still something special about receiving a personalized message or package in the mail, but a common letter, handwritten or typed, is so boring and flowers are expensive.  Instead, what about sending a message on a potato?  It may sound crazy, but the trend has caught on and the Potato missive has been making headlines in the NEWS.   Those who want to be different, to grab the attention of the receiver and make an impression, will want to try this unique gift service provided by  It’s a great new way to send a message to your friends, loved ones, coworkers, or anyone you want to remember you. It’s an unforgettable gift that lasts forever, because it’s on a potato!  The idea has become so popular, there are “potato messaging” sites sprouting[…]


AQUACERO Launches Kickstarter Campaign For The The Zero Water Waste Intelligent WiFi Sensor

  Saya has launched a new crowdfunding campaign to raise $98,000 to launch “Aquacero” a $279 water waste solution, which comes at a time when California is besieged by drought and water shortage. Aquacero detects water leaks and shuts off the water line. It provides a perfect solution to save water and prevent expensive damages. The Tech Start up, which is based in Irvine, California, has launched their campaign on Kickstarter to enable them to provide consumers with their Aquacero Smart Water Leakage Detection and Control Sensor. The Wi-Fi enabled smart device could autonomously measure and monitor consumption, detect water leaks and disable the water supply when necessary. Remotely controlled via the cloud and a smart phone App, Aquacero can manage the entire water supply in any residential or commercial location. This means users can protect against water damage, conserve water, save money. Aquacero is also great at preventing damages caused by frozen pipes. SAYA Aquacero device is first in the marketplace to offer a comprehensive connected solution to residential, and commercial water leak problem by offering dual and single inlet all weather outdoor and indoor sensors for both hot and cold water pipes. SAYA One, flagship cloud-enabled data analytics[…]


Harris County Carpet Cleaning Company Launches New Website & Information Portal Filled with Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning Tips and Resources

  Super Steam Care Carpet Cleaners Announces Launch of Harris County, and surrounding areas Carpet Cleaning & more..Website & Information Resources Portal   Super Steam Care Carpet Cleaners today announced the launch of as an information portal for Harris County and surrounding areas for residential and commercial property owners to find information about rug, upholstery, tile, grout and dryer vent, air duct cleaning. With articles being added almost every day and an online monthly newsletter of carpet, rug, duct cleaning and upholstery maintenance tips, the website is anticipated to quickly become Harris County’s and surrounding areas primary resource web site for surface cleaning solutions. Future plans include educational awareness guides about maintaining and cleaning carpet, rugs, tile and grout, dryer vent and air duct cleaning, and professional advice from expert contractors as well as a question and answer forum for Harris County and surrounding areas for home and commercial owners. The web site will be an invaluable resource for Harris County and surrounding areas homeowners and commercial owners in finding accessible information about their cleaning services. Ido Cohen of Super Steam Care Carpet Cleaners stated, “Our goal is to be the best resource center and information portal for assisting[…]