Amazon Announces the Launch of Chalktastic Professional Liquid Chalk Markers for Making Halloween Decorations

The Chalktastic Chalk Markers 8 Pack, are Great for Menu Boards, Bistro Boards, Kids Art, Glass & Window Markers. They come with Reversible 6mm Fine or Chisel Tip Bright Neon Colored Plus White. The product is perfect for Halloween decorations Amazon, the largest online shopping platform in the world is pleased to announce they have added a new product, which is exclusive to Amazon customers. The product is the Chalktastic Professional Liquid Chalk Markers, which is being sold by Chalktastic. Chalktastic Professional Liquid Chalk Markers 8 pack are great to use on Menu Boards, Bistro Boards, Glass and Window, and are perfect for Kids Art. The Liquid Chalk Markers are perfect for parents who want to spend quality time with their children making Halloween decorations. Although the markers are perfect for professional use, they are also perfect for children who want to have fun creating art, mask making, designing a fun piece of art as well as making Halloween decorations. The eight pack professional Liquid Chalk Markers are safe for children to use. They eight colour markers will outlast other colored chalk markers, giving children many hours of fun. The liquid markers with their reversible 6mm tip give children and[…]

Source: Launches New Website, Offers Personalized Name Labels

Name Labels Magic is excited to announce the launch of their new e-commerce website, where customers can create custom and personalised name labels. Name Labels Magic is quickly becoming a go-to choice for high quality, stylish, and functional name labels that customers personalise via the website. The website’s durable labels are laundry safe as well as dishwasher safe, and they are made to last through everyday wear and tear. Name Labels Magic is proud to design and manufacture all of their labels in the UK. Name Labels Magic’s labels are designed to be applied on all everyday items, such as lunch boxes, drinking bottles and cups, shoes, trays, and bowls. They can be applied to baby care supplies like baby bottles, baby bibs, or baby dummies, and they are helpful for keeping track of items that can potentially go missing in nursery, day care, school, colleges, or care homes. Using labels helps parents in keeping their children’s belongings out of lost and found, as labeled items will be instantly identifiable. Name Labels Magic labels are ideal for school uniforms, socks, ties, sport gear, and they can be used to label iPods, iPads, and other valuable electronics. To get started, customers[…]


Leading Psychic Website Launches Text a Psychic and Psychic Email Services

Psychics Future offers access to psychic readings for residents of the UK and Ireland. The costs are affordable and the professionals friendly and courteous. Whenever a person feels down, frustrated or alone, there’s an incredible service available that offers accurate advice for future life. Psychics Future is pleased to announce they are now providing a Text A Psychic And Psychic Email Service. As well as providing them popular Psychic telephone service, their new services give people the option of how they would like to have a Psychic reading. The is a significant number of the population in the UK, Ireland and beyond that will admit to increasing reliance on psychic readings. In fact, a recent survey indicated that more than 50 per cent of adults have contacted a psychic at some point. Even more look at daily horoscopes and have at least some belief in the statements made there. The World Wide Web and Psychics Future have made it easier to obtain a psychic reading. The Web is only one way to gain a reading from a caring and friendly psychic. Those in need of answers to specific questions can text a psychic to get a response. Psychic text responses[…]


Scot Nei and RoboGolfPro Announce They Are Sponsoring the Open Pro-Am

Golf instructor, burn survivor developed revolutionary golf teaching aid Scot Nei, CEO and Director of Instruction for RoboGolfPro, will be at the 2015 Open Fry’s and Friend Pro-Am on Oct. 12. Nei and RoboGolfPro are the Presenting Sponsor for the Pro-Am. Six years ago it wasn’t clear if Nei would even play golf again, however. In July 2009, an oil fire on a stovetop left Nei covered in burns on his arms, face, and chest. Numbed by shock and the loss of nerve endings, Nei didn’t realize how bad the situation was until he arrived at the Orlando Regional Burn Center. “When I arrived at the hospital I knew I was in big trouble when about 30 doctors, nurses, and other medical staff began working on me,” Nei said. He required multiple skin grafts and spent a month in a hospital bed, recovering from the trauma of the burns and subsequent surgeries. Even being prepared for release was excruciating, as it required the removal of hundreds of metal staples that had been used to secure the skin grafts. And after his release, his right arm remained frozen at a 90-degree angle for nearly eight months. Nei continued to train[…]