Millennials Say ‘Meh’ to Republican and Democratic Conventions

Poll: Trump Win Possible; Supporters and Undecideds Unhappy with Nation’s Direction A post-convention follow up survey of millennials, conducted through over 100 mobile apps by MobOpinions/VoterLabs, shows the recent political conventions of the Republican and Democratic parties had little effect on those born between 1981 and 1998. While Hillary Clinton continues to lead among likely voting millennials 37% to 29%, with 21% still saying they are undecided. The numbers translate to a statistically insignificant 2 point net bounce over Donald Trump when compared to pre-convention survey numbers. An Opening for Trump When asked ‘if America’s best days are behind it or ahead of it’, respondents were closely split, with 38% seeing America’s best days ahead, 33% behind and 29% saying they are unsure. However, likely undecided voters aren’t so sure about the future of the country – 38% of these voters believe America may never live up to it’s past, a margin of 12 points over the 26% who see the future as bright. The only other voter segments who hold a similar negative view of the future were Trump supporters and white voters. Of supporters of Donald Trump, only 27% see the future as bright. A whopping 49% of[…]


New Book Launched On Amazon – How To Start And Operate A Luxury Pet Boarding Kennel For Cats

How To Start And Operate A Luxury Pet Boarding Kennel For Cats: A Pet Oriented, Home Based, Career Change Or Retirement Business Opportunity A new book has been launched on Amazon to help people understand and learn what is involved in running a successful boarding kennel for cats. How To Start And Operate A Luxury Boarding Kennel For Cats was written by Joseph Garvey who has many years experience of running a successful boarding kennel business. Joseph Garvey decided to write the self-help book to help people achieve success and avoid the common mistakes that are made when building a boarding kennel for cats. Each year thousands of boarding kennels are started around the world, but only a small number of them become a success with many failing within the first 12 months. One of the biggest reasons behind the high failure rate is people not having the right knowledge and skills to run a successful boarding kennel. Joseph Garvey wants to help new kennel owners be successful and reduce the failures by offering his experience and guidance.   How To Start And Operate A Luxury Pet Boarding Kennel For Cats covers important topics on running a successful business, providing[…]

Source: anounces Freezer Grade Storage Labels that stand up to extreme cold

  Ordinary label sheets are not meant to be used in cold storage conditions and can fall off or be ruined, risking sample mix-ups and content confusion.’s  new Cryogenic All Tempreture Storage Labels feature a strong, permanent adhesive that will withstand cold storage temperatures and maintain adhesion to glass, plastic, cardboard and more, even in liquid nitrogen cooled to -60°F. “These cryogenic all Tempreture labels are ideal for use in -60°F to +200°F environments, for either short or long term storage,” according to Roy Harris, Label Engineer  at Available in sheets or rolls, circles, Squares or rectangles, and in bright white, the labels come blank and are customizable for each lab’s needs. “Sheets can be fed through a standard ink jet or laser printer utilizing our pdf file templates or creating a custom template in word format,” added Harris. “Non-water soluble markers or pens are also suitable for writing directly on the labels.”’s Cryogenic All Tempreture Storage Labels are priced from $68.88 for 500 sheets to $118.88 for 1,000 sheets depending on the label sheet size. Free samples can be obtained by visiting or emailing us at Research, industrial and healthcare professionals rely on[…]


Announcing Treycent, The New Era of Voice Content Retrieval

  Lighting Fast Retrieval, Frustration Free Browsing..   Sarasota, FL – August 12, 2016 – If you are a smartphone owner, chances are you already know how frustrating it is to quickly find the content you are looking for with the ever growing amounts of data we have stored. Treycent is here to provide you with the tools that make the task of retrieving personal content such as photos, notes, and documents a little bit easier.   Lighting Fast Retrieval, Frustration Free Browsing. With roughly 2 billion smartphones in the world, 92% of them are used to take photos/videos etc. and, on average, 600 photos are stored on each device.   The Treycent apps use custom voice commands that lets you retrieve personal content on your smartphone, desktop computer and smartwatch. Content like personal photos, notes, documents and videos as well as frequently visited websites; hassle-free, fast and virtually hands-free!   These apps are so far the most complete ones available as they’ll let you seamlessly access both private content and public domain content through our integration with Amazon’s Alexa.   Use the simple, intuitive and sleek User Interface to tag content so that future retrievals are faster and available[…]