Panama Relocation Tours Announces Their Free Book Living in Panama as an Expat

A new book has been launched by Panama Relocation Tours. The 70-page book is free to download and helps people to understand what living in Panama is really like. It covers a typical budget for people living in Panama, health care costs, and details about the different areas. Panama, which was voted the best retirement destination in the world by International Living Magazine, attracts people of all ages looking for a better and more affordable way of life. An expert who helps people understand what it’s really like moving and living in Panama and the opportunities available has released a new free book titled Living In Panama As An Expat. Each year tens of thousands of people think about moving to Panama but do not have access to the right information to take the first step. Panama Relocation Tours who has become a leader in providing monthly tours to help people learn the benefits of becoming an ex-pat has released the new free book to give people the information they need. The book, which is available as an instant download covers important topics that people considering moving to Panama want to be answered. The topics covered include Retiree Benefits, Employment[…]


Panama Relocation Tours Launch Panama Property Rentals Page

A relocation tour company in Panama announces a new section about Rentals in Panama at The new section on the website will publish information on houses or condos for rent in Panama. The page will be updated on a regular basis to allow people looking to rent a property in Panama to see the best current deals. A leading touring company in Panama has announced they have launched a new section on their website to keep people up to date on all the best available Panama rental properties available. Panama Relocation Tours that provide tours of Panama and information for people thinking of relocating has launched the new section to make it easier to find rentals. Panama has seen a huge increase in the number of people move there from other countries due to the better way of life and the lower cost of living. Many people first like to rent a property when they relocate to Panama instead of buying, but finding those properties can be a struggle. That is why the founder of Panama Relocation Tours Jackie Lange, decided to offer a dedicated page that provides information on rentals currently available. The rental property page will list[…]


Panama Relocation Tours Celebrates Five Years In Central America’s Tourism Industry

  Celebrating five years in Central America’s tourism industry, Panama Relocation Tours™ continues to invite guests to Panama for all-inclusive six-day and five-night tour packages to learn how affordable living in Panama is. The company provides information on what people need to know about moving to and living in Panama. Panama Relocation Tours is today celebrating five years of providing tours in Panama for people of all ages who are interested in moving abroad and starting a new life. The company was set up by Jackie Lange to give people the information they need and to show those people the real Panama. With the high cost of living in countries such as the UK and the USA, more people are now looking to move to more affordable countries. One of those popular countries is Panama, which in recent years has seen a huge increase in the number of people from USA and UK relocate there. The aim of Panama Tours is not to sell to people but instead to provide important information to help people decide if Panama is the country that is suitable to them. They provide information that includes visa, renting or buying a property. Other information provided[…]

Source: Announces the Launch of MetaDeux – A Savvier Way to Search for Travel

Greenville, SC— unveiled today a revolutionary way to search and buy travel on their website. While Meta-Search platforms such as Kayak have become the preferred resource for sophisticated travelers, there are considerable limitations to the technology. For instance, travelers are often disappointed to find that taxes and fees are not included in the prices presented. Founder of, Jeremy Gin, reports that the second-highest number of online travel complaints is from consumers who book a room at one price and are charged a higher amount upon arrival. “Our unique technology solves this problem in three simple steps that are seamless to the customer.” Says Mike Putman, Founder. When consumers search on, the technology reaches out to all available hotel suppliers. The technology aggregates search results and filters for duplications. This proprietary process eliminates multiple displays for the same hotel. The consumer then sees a complete array of options with each hotel displaying the best price available, inclusive of all fees. The traveler simply selects their hotel choice and checks out on the site. can even bundle multiple hotel bookings into a single check-out and add other trip components such as air tickets, tours and activities.[…]