Sunshine Holiday Reviews Back Jet2 for Issuing Passengers with a Fine

Jet2, the low-cost airline, hit the headlines this year when they sent an unruly passenger a fine of nearly £5,000 after he caused the plane to make a diversion. The passenger was disruptive on-board the airport that was flying from Leeds Bradford Airport To Alicante, which resulted in the aircraft making a diversion to offload him. Sunshine Holiday Reviews, the online travel magazine believe Jet2 were right to issue the fine and would like to see more airlines follow their example. The low-cost airline that has launched a campaign to stamp out bad behaviour on board issued the passenger with a life-long ban and a fine. Sunshine Holiday Reviews would like to see more airlines taking the same action and would like airlines to come together and go even further. The online travel magazine believes that any passenger who is banned from one airline should be banned from all airlines, as they are a risk to other passengers and the safety of the aircraft. A spokesman for the travel magazine has said it is now time that this type of behaviour is stamped out and by airlines coming together, travelling by air could become safer. Geoff Tims from Sunshine Holiday[…]


UKairportcarparks Launch a Campaign to Teach Consumers How to Haggle with Travel Agents

Since the reduction of high street travel agents with Thomson and First Choice joining forces, travel experts have claimed the cost of a family holiday has increased. UK Airport Car Parks, which has launched a number of campaigns to help consumers bring down the cost of a holiday, has now launched a new campaign where they are teaching consumers how to haggle. Before the high street travel agents merged, which includes Thomas Cook merging with the Co-Op and First Choice and Thomson merging, consumers were able to play them off against each other for a better price. However, since the reduction in high street travel agents the big names believed they had the market cornered. Now according to UK Airport Car Parks who help consumers find a better deal on airport car parking and insurance has said high street travel agents are now running scared. With more choices available online with new travel agents being created, the high street travel agents are no longer confident and are now willing to once again compete against their fellow travel agents. Through the tips and advice from UK Airport Car Parks, consumers are now reporting they are saving up to five hundred pounds[…]