Chayah Miranda’s Reaches a Major Milestone The topnotch singer releases her debut album


Chayah Miranda is pleased to announce the launch of her new debut album titled “No Other Way.” The album is now available worldwide for everyone who loves good music. The album is available for purchase at, iTunes and all online major retailers. This feat was achieved due to her determination to produce good pop music for her fans to love and cherish. Chayah (which is pronounced kai-yah) believes this Christian pop music is good for all ages and can be enjoyed anywhere and anytime.

According to the beautiful and prolific singer, the reason behind her decision to make this music was because “I want everyone to know that there is a God in heaven who loves them so much that there is hope no matter what you are going through…… that’s when miracles will happen; that’s when you’ll see your life change for the better.”

This album is inspired by her experiences in life. During her early years, God had touched her and manifested His greatness in her life by healing her and He continuously performs several miracles in her life. This album will make listeners understand who God truly is and how they can get closer to Him so that He can work mysteriously in their life.

The album includes the following inspirational songs:
No other way
Look into the sky
He loves me
Let go
Beautiful mystery
Found in you

ABOUT CHAYAH MIRANDA- Chayah Miranda is a Christian pop artist who have spent much of her life around the gospel music of her church and the jazz influences of her mother and grandmother, both singers. She sings songs from her heart and has been singing in churches, school talents and anywhere she finds herself. This album is available for download on iTunes, Amazon, and all online major retailers.

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