Chilean Actress Lisette Lastra Expanding Her Talents to Include Directing

Actress and Filmmaker Lisette Lastra, formerly of Chile now living in Los Angeles and enjoying getting next to nature in the City of Angels, is now writing her first film which she will also direct in 2016.

LOS ANGELES, December 17, 2015 – Chilean actress Lisette Lastra last film in South America before relocating to Los Angeles was The Magnetic Tree, a Spanish-Chilean co-production shot in the South of Chile. This film was named best Chilean Movie in Valdivia International Film Festival. It was also nominated for Cine Latino Award and New Visions Grand Jury Prize in the Palm Springs International Film Festival.

In The Magnetic Tree, Lisette plays the girlfriend of one of the extended family members. “We are a reflection of what the main characters want to have but can´t seem to get. We are a mirror of their fantasies in their minds.”

The Magnetic Tree is notably helmed by female director Isabel Ayguavives, a Spanish director who fell in love with the landscapes and people of Chile while visiting. Ayguavives, who has been a part of the directing team on the Spanish TV shows Tierra de Lobos and El Comisario, was inspired to write The Magnetic Tree after a visit to Chile.

For Lisette, landing her role in the film was magical itself.  Upon their meeting Isabel and Lisette hit it off very well, especially connecting around their passion for music. Their galpal relationship has continued since the film wrapped, including connecting in Madrid on vacations. Lisette says of Isabel, “She´s a really cool person with a warm heart.”

Lisette admits she was at first nervous working with a star caliber Chilean cast, she quickly adds, “Once you get to work, you let that go and immerse yourself in your work. The feeling of sharing with this amazing cast made me learn so much about acting. The cast of the family was so big that we ended up being like a real family after a month of filming.”

Lisette also shares about a terrifying experience on the set when she had a two-night shoot and got lost. “I didn’t have my cell phone. I was pretty scared, and I thought I would have to stay out there all night by myself. You hear about being alone in the darkness and then you hear something and your mind creates all this stories. I thought I was going crazy. I want to be close to nature but not that close! But I finally found the crew.  One of the times I was grateful that they were so loud in the middle of the night.”

Lisette also recently worked behind the camera as a 2nd AD on a short film by Nicolas Varela titled “By Herself.” Though for her the job was a bit stressful since it was her first time, she also says, “I´m proud of what we created.”  It was shot on the iconic Santa Monica Pier ferris wheel.

Currently, Lisette is writing a short film that she will be directing in early 2016. It will be her first time as director. She is very excited about it and is particularly inspired by Isabel  Ayguavives.

Meanwhile, Lisette continues to enjoy all that Los Angeles has to offer, spending time at the beach to clear her mind and also exercising her athletic and adventurous spirit by longboarding with her friends. When not doing that, she’s be a hipster with her laptop at any given coffee shop in L.A. She says she’s on a mission to fine the best coffee in Los Angeles. Given she’s from South America, she’s probably going to be a pretty good judge – that is, if you like strong coffee.

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