Colorful: The Coloring Book for Adults App Launched On iTunes


The new app allows a person to relax by using coloring books for fun, relaxation and therapy.



In the modern world, more people suffer from stress due to busy lives, being overworked, debts, and family problems. Stress has become such a serious issue that medical experts have warned those that suffer from stress should seek medical help or find ways to reduce their stress levels. One popular way to deal with stress is coloring book therapy. This new form of therapy has helped tens of thousands of people around the world to reduce their stress levels and now its available as an app.



J. Bushnell Software has taken the popular coloring book therapy for adults and turned it into an app. The app removes the need for a person to carry around an adult coloring book and instead can pull out their mobile device when they feel stressed and want to relax.


The Coloring Book for Adults App, which is available on iTunes, provides the user with 72 colors to show off their artistic skills. It offers everything that a person would need to color and relax.





An infinitely-resizable brush. Zoom in for finer painting, or out for broader strokes— always maintaining a consistent finger-size width.

A full screen experience. When coloring you can take advantage of the whole screen, with floating controls.

A fully rotatable painting canvas. You can move, rotate, and zoom all at the same time with just two fingers.

A color palette with 72 colors— and no charging for colors!

The painting editor is designed to work in landscape, for the longest continuous finger-strokes.

An à la carte purchase system. Purchase only the categories of art you like, and any new paintable drawings added to the categories you buy will automatically become available to you.

Access to hundreds of stock, high-quality paintable drawings.

Share your art on social media such as Facebook or Twitter, or by text, email, etc.

A rich user interface, with categories of art that include Animals, Flowers & Plants, Landscapes, Seasonal, Patterns, Love, Human, Food, and Lifestyle. Also customize your painting desktop.

Content is downloaded on demand as you open a drawing to color, so the space consumed on your device is kept to a minimum.


In a modern world where people are suffering from stress, the app can help those people reduce their stress levels through adult coloring therapy.



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