Crowdfunding Campaign Launched For The Scoutynaut Job Exchange Platform


A new crowdfunding campaign has been launched to help raise funds for the Scoutynaut Job Exchange Platform. The Indiegogo campaign hopes to raise $500,000 where the money will be used to make the platform a reality and make it easier for people to find jobs and employers to find candidates for roles they have within their company.


Scoutynaut has launched a new crowdfunding campaign on the Indiegogo platform to help people find it easier to find employment and to help employers reduce the time it takes to find key members of staff. The campaign aims to raise $500,000 and is available at


There are tens of millions of people unemployed around the world, and there are even more people who are on low wages hoping to find a job that will pay them a more respectable wage. However, finding a job and find a higher paid job can be complicated. One of the biggest complaints people have when looking for work is not finding out about the latest jobs available. The Scoutynaut is a real-time platform that allows a person to see all the latest jobs available.


Scoutynaut provides a modern way for people to find work. Instead of looking in newspapers where the jobs could be a few days old, the job platform brings people the latest jobs and allows them to apply straight away.


The job platform helps employers find people in the shortest time possible when looking to fill a vacancy. Instead of waiting for a newspaper to be published with their job advert, the platform gives them the fastest way possible to advertise a job they may have, that means they will receive a response on the same day from people who match the requirements of the role being advertised.


By donating to the crowdfunding campaign, backers are helping to reduce the unemployment rate by allowing employers and potential employees to find each other in the shortest time possible.


To learn more about the new crowdfunding campaign and to see how Scoutynaut can help people get back into work, please visit


About Scoutynaut Crowdfunding Campaign


The Scoutynaut Crowdfunding Campaign aims to raise $500,000 on the platform to reduce the high unemployment around the world. The platform will bring employers and employees together.