Crowdfunding Campaign Launched To Renovate a 200-year-old wooden blockhouse


The campaign aims to help a family achieve their dreams of moving out of their current home



A new crowdfunding campaign has been launched to renovate a 200-year-old woodend blockhouse. The campaign aims to raise $25,000 and has been set up by Carl-Philip Hänsch on the Indiegogo platform.



Carl-Philip Hänsch set up the campaign so they could renovate the wooden blockhouse and move out of their current property, which is a flat inside a concreate panel building. The married father of one explained that his wife struggles to climb the stairs to the floor with their flat on.


“I want to make a better life for my wife instead of having to live in a tony flat where she has to climb a large number of stairs when she returns home.”


Carl-Philip has found a 200-year-old wooden blockhouse but it needs a great deal of work to it to make it liveable.


The work that needs doing includes:



·       Insert new windows

·       repair some clay plaster on the facade

·       add some environment-friendly thermal insulation under the floor (which is raw earth in the moment)

·       in this step also add underfloor heating

·       modernize electricity

·       modernize water pipes and toilet (earth closet)



For those that support the campaign there are many rewards on offer, including one weeks holiday, and a weekend trip.


For more details about the new crowdfunding campaign please visit