Daniel Mangena is zealous about new philosophies, new prospects and being a part of the formation of value that welfares others

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Daniel Mangena also very avid about aid work, expressly giving young people with commercial spirit guidance and support.


Daniel Mangena is an qualified technology businessperson, tactical thinker and mentor, patron and not-for-profit innovator, public speaker and writer.


Daniel Mangena is full with ideas and is always creating new ways of looking at the average to make it better. Daniel Mangena’s capacity to think speedily through options and produce outcomes makes him a dynamo in any conversation. With a kindness of mind and heart, his eye is always on creating ways to help others.


In the not-for-profit world, he is a London’s Philanthropist and Founder of Mangena Foundation and focuses on invention, appealing the next generation, and instruction.


In the for-profit world, he is a Founder of Mangena Foundation.


He can be reached via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and YouTube.




For more details please visit www.mangenafoundation.org or www.danmangena.com