David Deicke launches his new business advice blog to help budding business owners in Australia follow his lead as a business growth expert



David Deicke Business Owner and Event Manager stated today that he encourages other local business owners to think outside the box with their business in order to break through the tough glass now hanging over business owners, with some business owners now only claiming they make less than the dole in their business.

David runs the Smash Masters panel beating workshops in Melbourne and has taken the business from strength to strength over the past four years. David bought the business in 2012 as a car vehicle repair centre with one store, and now it has 3 very successful stores, and is still growing.

David Deicke stated that his latest successful business had a lot to do with thinking outside the box and encouraging staff to think long term, not just in the short term. Many staff want quick benefits, but for a business to really grow and prosper he stated staff had to have long term thinking.

David has started his own blog at www.daviddeicke.me where he discusses his strategies and thoughts for future business growth, to try and encourage and help other business owners

David is still in the business development phase of his repair shops and expects new ventures to emerge over the next 12months that will change his work situation for the long term.



David Deicke manages Smash Masters in Melbourne which is a well known premier Melbourne panel beating business, Smash Masters now has repaired over 8,000 cars just last year alone.  David Deicke can be contacted on 1300 SMASH MASTERS.



David Deicke, Manager

21 Triholm Avenue

Laverton  VIC  3029

PH:  613 9369 1407