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USA (10/26/2015) – DefenderShield is focused on making life healthier for individuals who are frequently surrounded by mobile gadgets. The use of mobile devices has exploded in the past few years as an increasing amount of communications, work and education rely on mobile devices.  Students and the workforce alike are frequently engaged in the use of mobile technology in all types of applications. However, all this activity comes with side effects that are not evident until they become severe.

Overtime, radiation from cell phones, laptops and tablets has a negative effect on human health. The increasing use of modern technology and multiple devices has significantly increased the threat of harm from radiation. More information on the harmful effects from mobile devices can be found on website.

DefenderShield EMF radiation protection is an accessory designed for safety from harmful radiation emitted by iPhones, iPads, and other similar devices.  Amazingly, the cell phone radiation blocker available at DefenderShield is a cell phone cover that can completely block off the harmful effects of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF). DefenderShield is supported by FCC certified lab tests, which show the product is capable of completely blocking all types of radiation emitted by mobile devices. 

The company recently launched new, sleek and efficient EMF radiation protectors for iPhone 6 Plus, iPad and laptops. DefenderShield designs products primarily for road warriors who are actively engaged in using mobile devices. However, DefenderShield is useful for everyone, from children to adults. It blocks radiation before harmful waves can enter the human body.

A DefenderShield EMF radiation protector is a complete all-in-one solution and can help prevent EMF radiation for many popular mobile devices. The latest version of DefenderShield’s EMF radiation blocker is stylish and can be easily attached to cell phones without looking embarrassed by bulky devices.  


DefenderShield is the creator and provider of DefenderShield EMF radiation blocker for cell phones and similar devices. The aim of DefenderShield is to prevent the human body from the heat and harmful radiation emitted by modern mobile devices that have the potential to cause serious damage in the long run. DefenderShield products can help in preventing diseases resulting from constant exposure to radiation.


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