Delight Models Announces Expansion into North America

Motto:  “Helping People  Find Their Inner Star”

Delight Models acts as a liaison to assist reputable agencies in sourcing suitable models for their campaigns. In Q4 2015 they announced a planned expansion into the North American Market and have now pre-sold franchises in both the United States and Canada.

Delight Models assists reputable agencies in sourcing appropriate models for their campaigns.  Delight Models Inc. was started back in 1998 as a modeling agency out of Europe and in Q4 of 2015 they have announced that they plan to expand into the North America market via the franchising business model.  With this planned expansion franchisers will be granted more autonomy regarding which modeling opportunities are made available to their girls and the location of their photo shoots. Delight is committed to being good stewards for their models and helping them to accomplish their goals whether it be to make extra money or to further their modeling career.

This company has built a strong foundation over the years and has been integral in discovering new talent behind the European modeling scene.  If anyone aspires to become a model or photographer, the services of Delight Models are available to assist with accomplishing these goals.  Anyone interested in applying for the promotional complimentary photo shoots or the paid modeling opportunities are requested to visit the main website and supply all of the pertinent information listed on the Contact page. 

The Delight Models brand helps anyone to leave a bold, confident, and unforgettable impression on others.  Self-confidence is really important in every aspect of the life, and making that decision to pursue your dreams with the help of an organization such as Delight Models can make all of the difference.  In its recent moves, the company makes its brand more accessible for aspiring models in North America to be noticed and to take advantage of its services. Their goal is to encourage new talent to take full advantage of available opportunities. They offer a fun and friendly atmosphere to their models along with exciting trips to exotic destinations for their top performers.  They have recently announced that their 2017 exotic shoot will be in Oahu Hawaii!  We recommend that anyone who is interested in building a successful career in this field consider reaching out to your closest Delight Models representative to see what current opportunities exist in your area.

Their professionals have a face-to-face meeting with each girl interested in become a Delight Model to discuss her personal goals and aspirations.  During the interview process the candidates are required to fill out a comprehensive questionnaire that Delight uses as a tool to help them identify the most suitable modeling opportunities for each particular applicant.  Delight Models has built up strong relationships with reputable agencies over the years so that everyone may have equal opportunities to utilize his/her talents.   And considering their proven track record for sourcing suitable talent for leading agencies we are excited to see their expansion into the North American market place and believe that their presence will serve as a beacon to guide anyone in North America hoping to begin a successful career in the entertainment industry.

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