Digital Entrepreneur and Sons Announce Development of the PaperChase 3 Game


PaperChase is a popular endless flying game conceived by a 15-year-old and loved by millions worldwide. Help him build version 3!


Sacramento, CA – November 20, 2015 – Brian Russel Davis has worked on the pre-IPO Pandora as well as and This has been a labor of love for him from the beginning, and it has spanned not one but two generations. With the help of his sons Josiah, 15, and Caleb, 17, he has created PaperChase, a dynamic forward-scrolling adventure on iOS and Android, but he needs your help in bringing their complete vision to life.


In 2013 they published the first version of PaperChase!  People all over the world loved it! They quickly followed up with VERSION 2 and it shot to the top of the charts all over the world and has over 1.3 Android installs!  Their KICKSTARTER Campaign will help them build finish VERSION 3, PAPERCHASE TRINITY.


They are 80% done with PaperChase Version 3.  Funds from their Kickstarter campaign will help cover the cost of the remaining 3D Development.  They need at least 25k to cover the remaining work.  If they go beyond the goal they will use the additional funds to release the game on more platforms, create more maps, challenges and game art/animation.  They have no shipping costs for any of the rewards so all of the proceeds of the game will go towards the development cost.


About  PaperChase

Brian Russel Davis, a successful digital entrepreneur, and his sons took time to research the PaperChase back story!  They travelled to Japan and climbed through the hills and mountains to uncover some amazing history.


In ancient Japan the hills and mountains were filled with wolves. The wolf and man abided peacefully for many years. In Shinto religion the wolf is a good omen, one who protects. However, with the introduction of herding livestock into Japanese culture, the wolf became the enemy of villages who saw them as a threat to their meat supply. The wolves of Japan were hunted to extinction. We traveled to Japan and hiked the mountains once inhabited by the wolves, and visited the wolf temples. We felt the spirit of the wolf. PaperChase weaves a new legend of the Wolf Spirit one that feeds the imagination, uncovers a rich history and tells the tale of love, forbearance, anguish and loyalty through a set of complex rich characters.


PaperChase is a Forward Scrolling Aiming Game. Players are challenged to use their devices to steer the paper plane and avoid obstacles, pick up coins, retrieve valuable kami gems and steer clear of enemies. PaperChase is of course not the only game that uses aiming and by far isn’t the only endless runner type game, but it is the only Endless Aiming Game is at heart an adventure story based in real Japanese History.


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