Digital Presence Solutions Teaches Local Businesses How to Get Listed Prominently on Google and Bing

This week respected SEO consultants Digital Presence Solutions has released a series of recommendations effective for getting local businesses listed on major search engines Google and Bing.

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One of the most valued accomplishments in small business marketing is getting recognized by Google and Bing. When local customers can find a business’s site easily, the business sees a major increase in new sales.

“Organic local search results are the best new customers a local business can have. Because these people were actively searching for a business like yours in the same service area, they arrive at your location pre-sold and are ready to move forward,” said Louie Ramos, Head of Digital Marketing for Digital Presence Solutions.

Along with the paper, Digital Presence Solutions has launched a new Google and Bing Local Search Package for $500 plus GST per month. This gives even small businesses an opportunity to have an expert “done for you” search engine promotion campaign.

The service starts with 10 local keywords optimized for the client’s local business. These use words that local prospects most often use to find the business. Frequently these keywords and phrases are not intuitive. Consumers outside the industry may use very different words to search for a local business.

Digital Presence Solutions performs professional local keyword research to come up with the best 10 options. Then those local keywords are supplied to the client to incorporate into their website contents.

Next the service does an onsite SEO recommendation. The SEO team takes a close look at the client’s site and makes recommendations for better optimization. Google and Bing methods are constantly changing. A site needs to be updated with the latest techniques and ranking factors that will bring better visibility.

“Then we do a complete local search SEO strategies implementation for the client. Most business owners are very busy running their businesses. That’s why we perform the SEO promotion work for them,” Ramos said.

Clients highly value the Keyword Ranking Analysis & Website Traffic Analysis Reports provided at the end of every SEO monthly campaign. Here SEO experts provide customized detailed information that sheds valuable light on the methods being used to generate organic searches and the results that are being realized from those searches.

“We also provide a conversion rate recommendation. This helps websites perform better, convert more leads and generate more sales from the increase of visitors. Better content, more intelligent architecture, and an easier sales process can all work to turn more visitors into buyers,” Ramos said.

See the Google and Bing Local Search Package

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