Do Your Data Releases Their New Data Wipe Software – Super Eraser 3.0


The new Data Wipe Software provides a real solution to removing files and folders that clog a hard drive. The Super Eraser 3.0 is available on a free trial.



Do Your Data ( is pleased to announce they have launched their new Data Wipe Software – Super Eraser 3.0. The new software provides computer users with an important tool that ensures software and their files and folders are wiped completely from the hard drive.


The Super Eraser 3.0, which is available for a free trial and $29.00 to purchase, helps computer users to remove unwanted files on their computer system to provide a faster-running machine.


A spokesman for Do Your Data said: “This software can help users to wipe permanently data on the hard drive or storage media and make the data impossible to recover.”



As well as providing an important tool to remove data files to make a computer run faster and more smoothly, it also provides an important security application. By permanently removing files, it ensures no other person can have access to sensitive information or images.


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