Dubbed the motivational film of the decade, Dream Racer makes its way into New York City

Dream Racer has gained audiences from around the world and now it has been nominated at the NYC Film Festival.

A moving, exciting, and sometimes emotional film has been nominated at the NYC Film Festival. Dream Racer, which is available to purchase on DVD/Blu-Ray, takes the audience through a journey they will never forget. It follows the journey of Christophe Barriere-Varju who tackles a 16-day, 10,000 km motorcycle race and also tells the story of the movie’s producer, Simon Lee and what is was like to cover the race.

For the first time in a feature-length film, Dream Racer shows the legendary Dakar Rally in its purest form. No sponsors, no multi-million dollar team, not even a mechanic – just one rider, a motorbike, a film maker and the world’s most dangerous motor race. Described as far more than just a motorbike movie, Dream Racer is a call to arms for anyone who has ever dreamt of doing anything – a spine-tingling antidote to the fear of life passing you by unfulfilled.

After seven nominations and winning four awards, the internationally acclaimed Dream Racer film, which is available to watch via VOD (http://dreamracer.tv) has become a must watch film. It has been broadcast by Discovery World across Africa and East Europe, and by FOX across Asia. It has become one of the most talked about motorbike film in recent years.

More than a motorbike movie, it is a call to arms to anyone who has ever dreamt of doing anything. A spine-tingling antidote to the fear of life passing a person by unfulfilled. It has become a film that will never be forgotten once watched. Some reviews have said it is one of the most emotional and thrilling films they have ever watched.

Reviews of the film include: “I couldn’t sleep last night after watching Dream Racer! It was amazing.”

“I watched Dream Racer yesterday. Was incredibly heart touching.”

“If you haven’t seen Dream Racer the film yet, then you haven’t seen the best film you will ever see…”

“This is a must see movie!”

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