EazyLyfe Announces New Outdoorsman Product Is In The Works


The new outdoorsman company has recently announced a new release that will be a “must have” for hikers.


EazyLyfe has made an announcement that they are in the process of launching a new product, but the details of the product are a heavily guarded secret. A spokesperson for EazyLyfe has said this will greatly benefit those that like the outdoors, such as camping and hiking.” Although the product would benefit those types of people with those interests, it will also benefit a wider scope of people, with EazyLyfe saying it will provide people with a positive solution to their power problem.


The spokesman for EazyLyfe said: “We are going to launch a product that will bring power to those users who work outdoors or enjoy the outdoor life. No longer will people have to depend on power sources.”


Not releasing the specific details as to what the product will be is still unknown, but EazyLyfe is assuring their customers this will be a “must have” product. One could only guess as to what EazyLyfe has under the works, but are in high hopes this product will live up to it’s claims.

For further information and updates on this product please visit  EazyLyfe Facebook brand page where members of their page will be the first to know more about the product and its launch.

 Contact Information:pr@eazylyfe.com

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