Excel Arts Announces Non-Profit Efforts to Help Underprivileged children in India


Excel Arts envision empowering the young generation by providing them the basic means for education.


Basel Area, Switzerland – June 12, 2016 – According to the World Bank reports, 68% of India resides in the rural areas.  According to the recent report of National Sample Survey office (NSSO) (71st report, 2014), the literacy rate in rural India is 71% while in Urban India it is 86%. The gap between being literate and being educated is huge which translates into poor school to college transition.


The condition is worse in rural areas with just 4.3% of them going for graduate studies. High school drop outs, poor infrastructure in primary schools, poor financial conditions at home are some of the factors leading to this dismal condition. Through Excel Arts we want to make a change in the current education system by empowering the youth through education.     


Excel Arts was created as an offshoot project ofKnowSus catering mostly to the rural-urban divide in the Indian subcontinent.  Despite tremendous economic growth witnessed by the Asia’s third largest economy, the idea of school and teachers is still naïve to many in different parts of the country, albeit with a varying degree.  To bridge this ever-growing divide and bring the fruits of education to the doorsteps of many for whom it’s still a dream is a main goal of Excel Arts.  Through Excel Arts, we envision empowering the young population by providing them the basic means for education and help them realize their dreams. Excel Arts aims to augment grass root efforts in the rural areas particularly for the marginalized sections of the society by organizing school camps, building community libraries, distributing stationary and books and supplementing other governmental and non-governmental work on grounds for these young aspiring yet not-so-privileged children.  


About Excel Arts


Excel Arts was created by three students Devesh Singh, Chandra Shekhar Misra  and Anurag Srivastava . It was their way of contributing to the society and giving back in the form of what they think is much needed by weaker sections of the society.  Education by no means should be the limiting factor for anyone to dream and achieve something in life and we through Excel Arts would like to be their hopes to dream and to turn them into the reality.



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Devesh Singh

Basel Area, Switzerland