Fitbit and Under Armour app users can now use their miles to raise money for charity with the fitRaise platform.


fitRaise, Inc. announced today the implementation of several new features to their fitness fundraising platform.  The company provides a virtual crowd-funding event platform that allows supporters of a cause or charity to earn donations for every mile that they run, walk, or cycle during an event.

In addition to the free fitRaise app that allows people to track their miles the company has now added two popular ways to log miles to earn donations.  Users of the popular Fitbit wearable device can now sync their miles to fitRaise to get credit for their miles.  Likewise, users of the Under Armour suite of apps including MapMyRun and MapMyRide can also sync their miles to their fitRaise account.  

This advancement provides the users of these two popular apps and devices an opportunity to make an impact on causes they care about while at the same time improving their own health and fitness.  

Bobby Valentine, CEO of fitRaise said “By adding synchronization Fitbit users can continue to exercise as they normally would but will now have the ability to raise money for amazing causes at the same time.”  

People love the data and motivation that apps like Fitbit and MapMyRide/MapMyRun provide.  Now that motivation is increased by adding the ability of users to have their miles count toward fundraising goals of charities and other causes that are important to them.  

“The MapMyRide and MapMyRun apps are fantastic and there is no reason why someone that is comfortable using those apps should have to stop using it to raise money for a great charity while they exercise.  We’ve made it simple for Under Armour app users to link their accounts with fitRaise.” Said Valentine.

The first signature event including the Fitbit and Under Armour apps on the fitRaise platform is The American Bike Challenge which is supporting 10 charity partners that begins on September 21st.  

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