Free Dog Obedience Training Videos Offered


Online dog trainer Dan Abdelnoor, known as “Doggy Dan”, is pleased to announce that he is giving away free videos as a way to introduce people to his video-based dog training site. The videos offer instructions on how owners can train a canine pet. Doggy Dan doesn’t ask for a credit card to access the dog obedience tips. The only requirement is to enter an email address at his official website. (

Dan Abdelnoor is a successful dog behaviorist and trainer from Auckland, New Zealand. His education includes canine behavior and psychology, as well as advanced courses at the UK Canine Behavior Centre. His credits include a number of television and radio appearances and he holds membership in the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. He and his wife are parents of two children and three dogs.


According to Doggy Dan, “I use modern techniques which can be learned from the hundreds of videos on my website. Research studies have shown that it is much easier to learn dog obedience training from videos than from observing pictures in a book. My training techniques are designed to treat the cause of problems rather than the issues themselves. I never use any kind of force, fear or aggression, and have been fully endorsed by the SPCA”.


“You don’t realize how easy it can be to train your dog” he continues, “until you give it a try”.


The right how-to videos show owners how to ensure their pet will be eager to please. Dan Abdelnoor has worked with more than two thousand dogs over the past five years. His website was launched with a desire to use his experience to help all dog owners.


The training videos are appropriate for puppies or adult dogs. They cover issues such as toilet or potty training, leash training and crate training. Pet owners can find tips on how to stop a dog from barking, aggression, destructive chewing and a range of other obedience problems, as well as keeping dogs out of certain rooms or off the furniture.


The website videos show how to have the dog of the owner’s dreams. He shows everything necessary to know about dog psychology and behavior. Information about how to get the free videos with the knowledge to get the best behavior from dogs is available here. (


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