Fun Spirit Technology Announces Launch of New App and Website for Female LGBT Members


Waipahu, Hawaii, December 27, 2015 – Just as birds of a feather flock together, Fun Spirit Technology announced today the upcoming arrival of a new smart phone app as well as a website for women of the LGBT community, providing them the opportunity to relate with each other, with the intent of finding the right partner.

Dubbed as “Beyond Straight” – a social media and dating platform for female LGBT members, this revolutionary mobile application will be available on Android, iOS, and Web.

Everyone wants love and affection; every individual deserves to find love and have loads of fun everyday irrespective of their sex, gender, culture or race.  But for LGBT members, it is not always so. 

The fear of disclosing or expressing their sexuality freely can cost them their love life – hence the development of “Beyond Straight”, the app and website that will help cater to the concerning issues these women face and to assist them at living exciting lives.

Speaking about this new innovation, Erica Gayle, CEO and Co-founder of the company commented thus; “any female member of the LGBT community is welcome to register on our app, and under no circumstance will we sell, provide or share your personal and contact information with other companies, services or people.

Beyond Straight is like any other dating system app but provides a fun twist where registered users can compete in the Bachelorette Campaigns where contestants (registered users who will compete) aim to win the attention and affection of a bachelorette (also a registered user). There is also the Gaydar. The latter allows registered users to know who’s using the app at the moment nearby. For users with privacy concerns, this can be turned off at any time. Beyond Straight is definitely the sure place for all women of the LGBT community.

About Fun Spirit Technology

“Fun Spirit Technology focuses on fun and innovative products to cater to a wide range of generations and people. Beyond straight is the organization’s most recent project.

Erica Gayle Tacras is the CEO and Co-founder of the company and her brother, Allen James Tacras, is the COO and Co-founder.

Erica Gayle is a member of the LGBT community herself, particularly the lesbian community and her brother is a strong supporter of LGBT rights.

To know more about Beyond Straight, visit the website –

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Fun Spirit Technology, LLC

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Position: Chief Exective Officer

Location: Waipahu, Hawaii

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