H & A Quality’s Headlight Restoration And Cleaning Kit Improves Visibility Of Headlights



Headlight Restoration & Cleaning Kit By H&A Quality – Restores Yellowed, Hazy Vehicle Headlights – Removes Discoloration & Scratches – Offers The Best UV Protection – Offers Results In 60 Seconds



H & A Quality, suppliers of top quality personal and office products and equipment, proudly announces a limited time promotional sale on its high quality and effective Quick-e Headlight Restoration And Cleaning Kit, which is available on Amazon (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01DYKGSP8).


Having clear and clean lights is important for driving in many conditions with optimum visibility.  With impressive results in only sixty seconds, H & A Quality’s revolutionary cleaning kit removes oxidation from headlights and taillights, restoring them to like-new condition, enhancing safety and increasing any vehicle’s resale value.


The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration states that “about half of traffic fatalities occur at night, although only about one quarter of travel occurs after dark.  Nighttime driving is inherently hazardous because of decreased driver visibility.”


While retro-reflective roadway signs, adequate roadway lighting and reflective roadway markings improve nighttime driving visibility, it is of critical importance that every vehicle have properly maintained and highly illuminating lighting on its front, back and sides.  None of these is more important than a vehicle’s headlights.


While laws vary from state to state, in general headlights should always be used between sunset and sunrise, when visibility is less than 500 feet, or in conditions of insufficient light and adverse weather.  Driving with foggy or discolored headlights limits the ability to see.  H & A Quality’s premium Headlight Restoration and Cleaning Kit restores headlamp lenses to their factory-new appearance for perfect headlight clarity.


Using the Headlight cleaning kit is fast and easy.  In only three simple steps discoloration can be removed and an additional layer of UV protection is added that prevents against future dulling.  Each high quality headlight cleaning kit contains supplies for one pair of lenses including two cleaning wipes, a drying cloth, a polishing wipe, and a glove.


The Quick-e Headlight Cleaning Kit saves time and money and requires no special equipment. Professional headlight restoration costs $80 or more and requires the vehicle to be dropped off or a wasted day at the body shop.  H & A Quality offers its customers a 100% risk-free replacement guarantee.  If its Headlight Restoration Kit does not perform as promised, a replacement kit will be sent immediately.


Product Details:


·       DON’T DRIVE IMPAIRED by foggy, discolored headlights that limit your ability to see. Our Headlight Cleaning Kit restores headlamp lenses to their factory-new appearance for perfect headlight clarity.

·       3 EASY STEPS remove discoloration and add a layer of UV protection against future dulling. Each kit contains supplies for 1 pair of lenses: 2 cleaning wipes; drying cloth; polishing wipe; and a glove.

·       RESULTS IN ONLY 60 SECONDS as our revolutionary cleaning cloths remove oxidation from headlights. Restoring your headlights to like-new condition enhances your safety and your vehicle’s resale value.

·       SAVE TIME AND MONEY at home with no special equipment. Professional headlight restoration costs $80 or more, and requires you to either drop off your vehicle, or waste your day sitting at the body shop.

·       100% RISK-FREE PURCHASE for your peace of mind. If our Headlight Restoration Kit does not perform as promised, contact us to have a replacement kit send out to you immediately.



For more information on the Quick-e Headlight Restoration And Cleaning Kit or to place an order and receive the special price, please visit http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01DYKGSP8