How I Became My Father…..A Drunk


 A Courageous, New Book Offering Hope for Families

Devastated  by Addiction


Los Angeles, CA (January 20, 2016) – William G. Borchert, the screenwriter of the most watched television movie ever made, My Name is Bill W., in his newest achievement, has authored a new book, How I Became My FatherA Drunk. The story probes the intimate details of a family devastated by the disease of alcohol addiction only to become blessed throughout the journey to recovery.

   The author of eight books and producer of other successful films, William G. Borchert is perhaps best known for the Bill W. story about the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous, starring James Woods, James Garner, and JoBeth Williams. He also wrote the highly acclaimed movie, When Love Is Not Enough about the founding of Al-Anon, starring Winona Ryder and Barry Pepper. The author and screenwriter said his new book was by its very nature the most difficult to write.

       Commenting on the new book, Golden Globe and Peabody Award-winning producer Norman Stephens said:

     This remarkable family drama will touch the minds and hearts of millions of readers whether or not their personal lives have been impacted, maimed or destroyed by alcohol or they have been blessed by recovery.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

    Oscar-nominated and Emmy Award-winning actor James Woods added, I want to congratulate my good friend, Bill Borchert, for writing another courageous story that will help many people, especially families, find their way out of the pain and confusion caused by the addiction to alcohol. I was proud to work with Bill when we made a movie together called My Name Is Bill W. It was the start of Bills attempt to help alcoholics find their way to recovery. I am especially pleased with his new book since it will help so many.                                                                                                                               

      Oscar-winning songwriter and actor Paul Williams added. another tribute to Mr. Borcherts new book.

  The book, released in the fall of 2015 by Story Merchant Books of Los Angeles, California is gaining momentum. While focusing on the belligerent, often hateful relationship between a father and his son stirred by abusive drinking that affects the entire family, the true story also highlights their startling and miraculous coming together through recovery.

    I am a fan of neither pain nor discomfort which is what this effort of disgorging the past entailed, he remarked. But some very good friends finally convinced me over a period of time that sharing my own experiences in addition to the generous input from those in my family closest to me could offer hope to other alcoholics and show families devastated by the disease that there is a way out.

     You need not be a member of the recovering community, he said, to be deeply touched by Bill Borcherts writing. His chronicles of Alcoholics Anonymous co-founders journey in My Name Is Bill W. and the equally insightful and humanizing story of Lois Wilson, When Love Is Not Enough, were gifts to us all.





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