In2town Press Release Explains Why Search Engine Optimization Is Important

A public relations and marketing company want small business owners to understand the importance of using SEO techniques. In2town Press Release, who helps promote small businesses online with press releases, gives four reasons why SEO is important.


In2town Press Release, who help small business owners gain exposure online through their low-cost press release writing and distribution service, is concerned at the number of small business owners who ignore SEO techniques.

According to a recent report, just over 50% of businesses around the world have a website. According to In2town Press Release, with over 1 Billion searches being performed each day, that number is very low.

A spokesman for In2town ( said every type of business should have a website to generate exposure, customers and sales. However, many of those that do have a website are not gaining the traffic and customers they should be due to ignoring SEO techniques and online promotion.

Geoff Tims from In2town Press Release said: “There are over 1 Billion searches made each day and 20% of them are from people looking for local products and services. It is vital that small business owners have a website and one that can be found in search engines.”

A lot of small business owners believe SEO is very expensive, but many of those people do not understand that they can learn and perform the techniques themselves. To help people understand the benefits of SEO, In2town Press Release, who offer a press release writing and distribution service from $25, has listed four reasons why SEO is important

1. Branding

SEO can help increase the branding of a business

2. Traffic

By using SEO techniques, it can help boost the website up the search engines and generate more traffic

3. Sales

Through using SEO techniques and increasing the performance of the website and generating more traffic and customers, the business can increase sales.

4. Reducing media advertising cost

Online promotion and having a website online that performs well reduces the need for advertising and marketing in local and national media.

SEO is the fuel of a website according to In2town Press Release, and by learning and using the techniques a business website could become very successful.

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