In2town Press Release Shocked That a Quarter of Small Business Owners Lack Basic Digital Skills

89% of the population in the UK use the Internet. However, only 64% of small business owners have a website

The Internet has become the biggest shopping platform in the world. In the UK over 89% of the population use the Internet, with many using the World Wide Web for finding products and services. Although the Internet can help a small business increase their sales, a new government research paper found that only 64% of small business owners have a website. In2town Press Release that helps business owners increase their exposure online is shocked by those figures.

The report also found that a quarter of business owners do not have basic digital skills. The research from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (DBIS), found that the business owners knew how to use the Internet for shopping and banking but lacked the skills needed to sell online.

The government research paper, titled Digital Capabilities in SMEs, interviewed 803 small companies where they found that there was a serious problem in the small business world when it came to the Internet.

In2town Press Release, which works with small business owners to help them promote their products and services online from $25, said the report backed business experts calls for immediate action. Many business experts believe a campaign needs to be launched to help small business owners understand how important the Internet is for their business. Many also believe courses should be put on to help small business owners in the UK keep up with other businesses around the world.

Chantelle Ellis from In2town Press Release said: “The report has found there is a serious problem in the UK. Not only are many small business owners lacking with digital skills, but only 64% also have a website.”

The popular online public relations and Internet Marketing Company would like to see more small business owners attend night classes or short courses to improve their digital skills. They would also like to see more small business owners trading online and having a website built.

According to In2town Press Release, a website is no longer a huge expense for a small business. With many services offering low-cost website development and also web hosting companies providing monthly rental fees, websites have become more affordable.

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