In2town Press Release Talks To Balight About Their Exciting Cycle Accessory


The Balight accessory has become the talk of the Internet. It allows the user to pimp up their ride just like people can with their car.


Balight is the brainchild of Leo Liu, an avid cyclist living in Shenzhen.  He saw an opportunity to take recent gadgets and technologies and incorporate them for the best of both worlds: safety and personalization. Since the launch of the product, it has gained excitement with bike owners.

We decided to talk to the team at Balight and find out more about their product and why it has become one of the most talked about products of recent times.



1. How is Balight formed?
LEO: Balight is that when I was in a university. We had a very strange community group, specialized doing some wonderful things, such as using a mobile phone to control the robot dance. At that time I saw an average rate rotation device presented timepiece device which can make a shift, and then we borrow lab old fan and made one. We felt particularly cool, others have not, but only we have. In Chinese Valentine’s Day 2013, and someone took our stuff to girl to expressing, and he did it successfully, we are very happy.

In June 2014, China-US Maker Competition, we participated in it with this project, we got the first in Shenzhen Division. At that time, we did not thinking about entrepreneurship, I just think we did a cool thing. However, I saw that Monkey Light is very hot, And our equipment has more advantages than it, more LED numbers, and cell phone connection and so on, Later on, we were trying to start it.



2.Form June 2014 to now? It has been more than one year, what have you done about Balight?
LEO: Essentially, we are exploring appearance and quality, although we tangled in the development process. Because no one can tell you how this thing should be made, even the Monkey Light is defined. We need to achieve a balance between design and quality. You want to makeover good-looking. And battery is not too big, however, if not, the volume cannot be achieved.

We have struggled for some time, and the appearance has been changed 4 times, now it’s shaped. We do have the most number of led; each LED bar has a 47 LEDS. It is a modular design. Now we have the FCC, EC, IP65 waterproof rating certification, shock-proof certification will pass soon.

There is a significant technical difficulty, but we broke, is the integration of the IMU inertial measurement unit and Hall sensors, which can remain stable imaging when low speed rotation of the wheel.


In fact, back in 2014, there are still some similar wheel lights on the market, adding a layer of waterproof glue to the PCB Board. At that time, nor do we need to be prepared to raise, but do not need to do so many things. We felt it not cool enough, so we didn’t put it to market.



3. Many people think of this product as a new type of outdoor advertising, how do you think?
We want the user to find feeling riding a bike the first time through the Balight

4.what is the actually feel?
To be cool, it’s liking that you show it to your family and friends when you ride the bicycle for the first time, In fact, the reason is very simple, it is enough for us to be cool. And then it’s up to us, and we’re starting to want it to meet someone else.

5. Can I put my OWN PICTURES or TEXTS on the wheel?
A. Absolutely yes! Balight App will be free to download on the App Store shortly after the project ends. You can upload your own pictures or texts to the App or make your edits to the pre-loaded content. With a user-friendly interface, it’s very easy to customize your display.

6. At what distance does the anti-theft alarm work on the Balight App?
A. Between 5 to 10 meters. Abnormal Vibration Trigger Speaker Alarm

7. Is balight very expensive?
No. It is only sell $199, but we promote it for $99 to early bird on indiegogo

8. Can balight waterproof? I wish it could ride on rainy day.
Yes. Balight has IP65 level. It is sealed So it can be waterproof and ride on rainy day. many years’ warranty has the balight?
Balight has 1-year warranty



To learn more about Balight, please visit the website for details.

About The Balight team

The Balight team is located in Shenzhen, China. Currently, they have 15 members. Their first product is an intelligent wheel display device for bicyclers, called Balight.

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