In2town Press Release Talks To Lance Wing About New Song Guitar Star



Talented singer-songwriter Lance Wing has joined forced with legendary Rock and Roll Hall of Famer James Button to record his latest track Guitar Star.


The song has been described as his best work to date and is set to be a smash hit around the world, so we wanted to learn more about the man behind Guitar Star, and his new track.


1.     Lance Wing you have just teamed up with James Burton to release the groovy, rockin song Guitar Star, can you tell me what the song is about?


LW: It’s a rockin’ story song about a boy who finds his passion in playing guitar, and then takes that talent to the top, becoming a world famous guitar star. 


2.     As everyone knows James Burton has a huge reputation in the music world, how did the collaboration come about?


LW: After writing the song, I knew I needed an incredible guitar player to feature on the song. I mentioned the idea to my friend, and co-producer, Cactus Moser, famous Highway 101 drummer and husband to Wynonna Judd, and he knew that James was the perfect choice.


3.     When you wrote the song did you have James in mind?


LW: Yes, and Cactus made it happen.


4.     James has played with some of the big names in the music world, which includes Elvis; did he tell you any funny stories?


LW: Yes, he’s a great guy and told many stories. We had a lot of fun in the studio.


5.     Guitar Star takes music back to its best, and is definitely a tune to get up and dance to, how long did it take you to write?


LW: I wrote most of it in a hotel in Branson one night, and then tweaked it when I got back to Nashville.


6.     Would you class your song as country and western or Rock N Roll?


LW: I consider it more Rockabilly or Country Rock.


7.     Country music and Rock N Roll has watched other forms of music come and go, why does country music and rock n roll stand the test of time?


LW: I think it’s because the lyrics tell stories and the music makes you feel good.


8.     Country music is not as big in the UK as in America, why do you think this is?

LW: I’m not sure, but maybe it’s because country music originated in the south, and is gradually spreading.



9.     Are there any plans to bring out an album


LW: Yes, I’m working on it now.


10.  If you could write a tune for any artist and record with them, past or present who would it be?


LW: That’s a hard one because there are so many amazing artists that I have songs for. Presently, though, I would say Tom Jones. I’ve written three songs for Tom in hopes that one day I’ll be able to play them for him. As far as artists from the past, I would have to say Elvis.


11.  For people who would like to buy Guitar Star, where can they buy it from?


LW: It’s available for download at most digital music stores.


Preview Guitar Star:

Guitar Star, is available to download from:



and most other digital music sites.

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