In2town Press Release Talks To The Man Behind TheDiktatorApp That Offers Musicians an Innovative Platform to Connect With Fans


Marcus “DIKTATOR” Paysour is an independent artist, and entrepreneur, out of Charlotte, NC who is using mobile technology to create and revolutionize the way Hip-Hop and R&B artists connect with, and introduce their music to fans. 


“TheDiktatorApp,” offer listeners content from some of their favorite rappers, including: Lil Wayne, Master P., Drake, Future, and T.I.  The app is also home to up and coming artists like Mali, Trarius, George Tandy, and others; as well as to DIKTATOR’s growing library of music, videos and mix shows.

We decided to speak to Marcus and found out more about the new app that has got the music world excited. 

1.How do you have your own app as an independent artist? I have partnered up with a friend / mentor Julius Clark. When I was 8 years of age he taught me computer programming and from then on he has constantly followed my career as an artist and introduced mobile technology to me. He came up with an interactive app and was willing to teach me how to maintain the app as well as be the face of the business in that partnership.


2.What are the benefits in having your own app? You have access to the world. One of the most used devices is now a mobile smart phone. Statistics say no one goes more than 6 feet away from there phone so just imagine sending a push notification that is guaranteed to be read whether they respond to it or not.


3.How do you keep the app fresh and relevant? I keep the app fresh and relevant through my daily newspaper Music & Technology daily giving the latest on music and technology. I also have a mixshow along with a radio show that I archive on the app and we currently have over 30 hours of music and content. I use the drop tab to record exclusive audio straight from the app as well as a segment on my radio show.


4.What seperates your app from Pandora, Iheartradio etc.? This is where you will listen to Music You Should Hear and get to hear about and from People You Should Know. So basically we are way more exclusive and real with our catalog vs. the others.


5.How long have you had the app? I’ve had the app for 3 years.



6.How do you market your own music through the app? I market my own music through the app by having a personal tab titled music with some of my exclusive catalog on there and I place my music in the mixshows and radio shows that are archived in the app. With all of that of course I push the app via social media.


7.How do you market other artists through the app? I market other artists through the app by either giving them an interview on my radio show, spins or I have them utilize the drop tab so that I can place their drop on my radio show as well as via social media. 


8.How many mobile users are utilizing TheDiktatorApp? Over 10,000 thus far.


9.What type of content is on TheDiktatorApp? There’s a large variety of content that’s on TheDiktatorApp. Current events, world news, issues within our black culture, ins and outs of the music business, technology etc.


10.Where do you see TheDiktatorApp 5 years from now? I see TheDiktatorApp becoming a media giant full of information that the world wants to know and a platform the world would love to be on.


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