In2town Public Relations Finds Out More About The PWallet That Provides A Fast Payment Solution

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An important crowdfunding campaign has been launched to help people avoid credit card fraud and identity theft. It also provides people with a fast way to make payments and it’s the first wallet with a money clip and a separate bill compartment. We decided to find out more about the wallet and spoke to Bruno about why the wallet has become so important.


Bruno, you have invented a new wallet, can you tell me more about it please?


Yes of course, it’s the first wallet with a money clip, separate bill compartment and a credit card slot on the back for fast payment. And all that with RFID fraud protection.


Why did you feel the need to invent the new wallet?


I went from wallet to wallet without finding a suitable for me. I travel a lot and had always the problem that the different currencies were all in the same bill compartment. In addition, showing the big bills on the money when I open the wallet can be dangerous.


That’s why I created a wallet with a money clip and a separate bill compartment. The card slot on the back gives you the opportunity to pay without opening the wallet. That’s the fastest and safe way to pay.



The pWallet has RFID protection, can you explain what that is?


Today’s cards make it super easy to pay for things, simply wave your card and the purchase is completed. This convenience is great, but it puts us at risk of ID theft and fraud. This is a real hazard and a growing problem. As long as your card is stored in the wallet it stops nasty thieves using RFID scanner on your card. Your cards and information are always kept safe.



The pWallet has a faster payment section, what does that really mean?


You can store the card you use most in the fast pay card slot on the back. You can pull the card out with one finger, swipe, and pull it back. You don’t need to open your wallet and people never know how much money you have in. That’s the fastest and safe way to pay.



How important do you feel it is for people to be able to have quick access to their payment method?


Nowadays people are all in a hurry. At the point of sale the slowest process is the payment process. With the fast payment slot on the back it speeds up the whole payment process. You have access to your card with one finger push without opening your wallet.


You have currently turned to a crowdfunding platform for your wallet, can you tell me the reason for this?


Crowdfunding has a significant potential to fund projects with a social purpose. I’d like to create a wallet that is a benefit to people. That’s why I have chosen a crowdfunding platform.


For people who wish to own one of your wallets, if they donate to your campaign does that mean they will have one of your wallets?


Yes, sure. If we reach the target set for production everyone that pledged the project will get a wallet. In addition, I will send to every backer an original mini Appenzeller Bärli-Biber from Switzerland for free!]



Your pWallet has gained a lot of exposure, why do you think that is?


I think because it’s the first wallet on the market combining a money clip, separate compartment for bank notes and a credit card slot on the back for fast payment. It’s not just a wallet, it’s a wallet that makes your life easier and an essential part in your daily life.



People can get the wallet at a special price on your crowdfunding campaign, but once that is over how much will they retail for?


All of the materials we use are hand selected and the wallet is made of premium genuine leather so that it should last a lifetime under normal conditions. The retail price after the crowdfunding campaign will be $99.00


The new wallet is set to change the way men carry money around, and speeds up the payment processing process while out shopping.

To participate in the campaign and receive one or more of the fashionable and protective pWallets, please visit the following campaign webpage.


Contact the makers behind the p wallet:


Information is also available at

About pWallet


The hand crafted and fashionable pWallet is available in two different styles each offering a variety of useful features including a money clip, compartment for money, extra pockets, and a credit card slot on the back for fast payment!