In2town Speaks To Blanca Vergara About The Free Online Event On Meaningful Business


Blanca Vergara has announced there will be a free online business event from November 23rd to 25th titled “Building the Heart Centered Economy”. The event will bring respected teachers together to help people achieve positive thinking and better business.


We decided to get together with Blanca Vergara and ask her about the event.


Q. I’ve seen these telesummits and interview series all over the place. What’s so special about this one? What makes this one different?

When I dreamed up the Building the Heart Centered Economy Summit, I specifically wanted to create the opposite of a telesummit style event. I’ve found that most of us are too busy for a virtual event that stretches out for weeks {or even months!}.

This is exactly why I’ve design this event this way. The Building the Heart Centered Economy Summit is different in several key ways…

1. We are not just repeating the old same content that you’ve heard recycled for the past 15 years.

This is brand new!

Look, most heart centered business conferences focus on 2 education tracks:

Track 1) Paint by numbers business models, which are a  contradiction to heart centeredness

Track 2) Be happy, positive thinking, inaction and hope

The Building the Heart Centered Economy Summit is illuminating a new path for professionals who are ready to break through the status quo to design a modern business that fully supports their desired impact in the world as well as their deserved lifestyle with the freedom to enjoy it! It is both practical and strategic.

2. Our tribe is motivated and cutting edge: YOU!

We are committed to empowering the next generation of business leaders – the generation who feels as at ease online as they do at a cocktail party. We welcome all professionals who are ready to take an innovative approach to business, career and life, but we’re passionate about creating a new generation of businesses that are a force for good, the force that will rectify our global problems.

How does this actually work? Will I need to be in front of a screen all day?

Once you’re registered, you’ll receive the event´s agenda. We begin each day at 19:00 CET and wrap up around midnight. We will have plenty of breaks to grab snacks and stretch out. You receive access in real time to all this amazing content and the treat of making your own conference-like experience at home.

Q. Is this for young professionals or more established business people?

You might have already guessed this, but we’re all about lifelong learning. This summit is going to surprise you with strategies and scientific knowledge, no matter if you have been in business for a long time or you are just planning to get in.

The speakers are not just keeping up with the latest innovations in entrepreneurship. They are leaders in innovation and application of these concepts. Beginners and veterans alike will benefit from this knowledge in your journey of making business more human and humane.

Q. When is the Building the Heart Centered Economy Summit taking place?

The summit starts on Monday 23 of November, 2015 at 17:00 CET.  It concludes with a with a LIVE Q&A session and Putting it All Together presentation on Wednesday 25 of November, 2015 which is the last event of the Summit.

Q. I’m in. Game on. How do I make the most of my “Building the Heart Centered Economy Summit” experience?

Once you’ve officially signed up for the conference, you’ll for sure be hearing from us. In the meantime, here are our recommendations for making this an inspiring & impactful summit for you and your business.

:: Clear your calendar and book your time with US! Do what you can to get everything out of the way so that you can fully participate and enjoy the program.

:: Get your materials ready. Have a comfortable place to sit where you can see your computer or TV screen. Get ready up your favorite colored pens and notebook. Have your favorite drinks ready, so that you are hydrated all the way.

Q. How can I purchase my own copy of the summit?

Go to register for a free access pass if you haven’t already. Then click the red “I am In” button or any of the purple “I want the VIP Upgrade Package” to go to the checkout.

The summit will be free until the 26th of November. However you can also purchase a VIP upgrade. This will get you permanent access to All video content to download or stream as much as you like, All full audio versions to download or stream as much as you like and Full PDF transcripts of all the video content

In addition you will have exclusive access to

The Stop Self Sabotage home study course by Blanca Vergara, so that you become unstoppable.

Neuroscience and the Three Brains of Leadership by Gran Soosalu, so that you develop a distinct advantage as a leader

The Putting it All Together Session with Blanca Vergara, so that you put in action all you learned here.

10% of all net proceeds from purchases for the summit go to Pencils of Promise. So when you buy you’re supporting a terrific charity as well.

Q. I missed one of the sessions before the 24-hour viewing period ended. Is there any way I can still see it?

Sorry you missed it! Unfortunately, we must stick to our viewing schedule. Too see any missed presentations you’ll need to purchase a ‘VIP Upgrade´ to the summit. Then you can watch them all at your own pace any time. Go to register for a free access pass if you haven’t already. Then click the red “I am In” button or any of the purple “I want the VIP Upgrade Package” to go to the checkout.

Q. What time do the presentations start where I am?

We have listed 3 of our most popular time zones on the schedule and in your emails (CET, US Pacific and US Eastern time.) If you live outside these regions you can find out what time the presentation is in your location by going to, using CET as your reference.

Q. How can I make sure I am notified when the summit is live?

To make sure you are notified about the summit, simply place your email in the registration box on the home page

and we will notify you when the summit goes live. You’ll also receive some free gifts and access to online courses when you register your place.

Q. How does the summit raise money for charity if it’s free?

From the 23 to the 25 of November the speakers’ interviews will be free of charge to access so you can go through the whole program for free. At any time during the summit you can purchase a “VIP Upgrade” giving you access to everything that’s been released to stream or download whenever you want for all the videos, audios and transcripts. 10% of all proceeds from those sales will go to Pencils of Promise.

Q. How can I become an affiliate?

Easy! Simply register your details on the affiliate sign up page

and we’ll send you all you need to share the summit, support the creation of a more human and humane economy and make an income in the process!

Q. Which charities is the summit giving to?

Pencils of Promise

Q. I want to see speaker “X” – What time do they go live.

The first speaker goes live at 17:01PM (CET) Amsterdam time on November 23rd. Go to the event schedule to find out what time that is for you.

Q. How can I contact Blanca about a media or partnership opportunity?

Q. I already upgraded.  How do I access everything in the package?

The recordings will be made available to you as soon as possible after each presentation, and definitely by the end of the Summit. Transcripts will also be available as soon as they are completed, which will be shortly after the Summit.

You will receive your bundle of bonus resources during the Summit week.

Q. Is there a time limits? How long can I access my links?

The VIP Upgrade package will be available until Midnight 26 of November, 2015. After that it will no longer be available.

If you have upgraded to the VIP package, you may download the recordings and transcripts at your leisure – there is no time limit. The pages will be available for as long as we own the site, which we intend to be for a long time!

Q. How can I contact the speakers after their talk?

Each speaker’s website is quoted within the presentations and also on the live page.  Please contact them via their website, and not by sending emails to us at the summit.

Q. How were your speakers chosen?  Can I trust their credentials?

Each speaker was personally chosen by the Summit creator and host, Blanca Verger for their breadth of knowledge and expertise on a range of interesting and useful topics.  However we cannot be responsible for any advice they give or subsequent support you seek from them. We encourage you to check the credentials of anyone you choose to work with.

Q. My expertise is very relevant to the Heart Centered Economy Summit.  Can I speak at next year’s Summit?

 We’re always interested to hear from new speakers and invite you to get in touch with Blanca here:

and tell us why you would like to join us and what you can bring to the event. 

Q. I’d like to give some feedback about the event. How can I do this?

Wonderful!  We welcome feedback from our attendees as it helps us continue to create truly valuable events each year.  At the end of the Summit week we will be sending out a feedback questionnaire so please look out for the email and send us your responses.  However if your feedback is of a more urgent nature you can email us here.


Q. I haven’t been receiving emails from the Telesummit.

To ensure the emails that we send you go to your inbox and not mistakenly to your spam folder, please whitelist our email: