Introducing Buzzme — the first mobile phone app designed exclusively for African communities


Connect with family, friends, and businesses through a unique social media platform


Vredendal, South Africa – December 16, 2016 – John Bock is a chemical engineer by trade, but an entrepreneur and optimist as well. John is excited to introduce to you the newest social media platform, custom designed for the people of Africa.


Buzzme, John’s newest social media app, connects Africans in new and exciting ways. He began working on the app in February 2014, in light of the Ebola epidemic. People in African countries found themselves in a panic to connect with family members and friends, and to keep up with the newsfeeds so they could stay aware of the epidemic and its hold on their people.


Users can search for other people in different geographical locations, finding new friends and business connections wherever they are! With chat and video integration, you can connect with a group of friends and chat through video calling! As long as you’re connected to the internet, all of our services are FREE, paid for through our advertising connections with local and global businesses.


Buzzme allows people to connect with each other, with up to 4 people connected at a time, through live chat, video chat and more! Share pictures, videos, and communicate with family and friends! Perfect for just about anyone — businesses can connect to clients and off-site contractors easily and quickly! Not just for personal communication, Buzzme is a great way to communicate on the job as well! Businesses can also utilize the app to advertise to a new demographic of potential customers, through advertising as well as searching for users in their area and connecting with them through the app.


About BuzzMe


Buzzme is a location specific social networking app that connects Africa to Africa and Africa to the world. It is a mobile message and video calling network, where information, Pictures and Videos are shared between family, friends and business.


John Bock created this app so the African people could connect, not just for social media purposes, but also so they can share important stories, memories, and events going on all over our continent. With your generous donations, John can get his app ready for use on iPhones (he has already successfully brought the app to the Google Play store!) and start distributing the app for wide release!

For more information or to help contribute to BuzzMe, please visit:



John Bock

211, Rebunie Building, Church Street

Vredendal, 8160, South Africa

+27 87 160 0635