iXCC® Releases New Bluetooth Device That Turns Any Stereo Into a Bluetooth Receiver




Redmond, WA- December 16, 2015 iXCC® has announced the release of a new Portable Bluetooth Wireless Receiver that enables users to receive calls and stream music wirelessly to car and home audio systems.


How it works: Users plug the Bluetooth receiver into a 3.5mm auxiliary port on their home or car stereo. Once inserted, users can enable the Bluetooth setting on their phone (like iPhone or Samsung Galaxy) or other smart device and the two devices will pair together. The user can then stream music or even take calls hands-free as the sound plays through the speakers on their stereo.


Distractive driving is one of the major reasons behind car accidents. When a person receives a phone call, they typically drive with one hand and use their other hand to hold their phone up to their ear. The new iXCC®  Portable Bluetooth Receiver has a built-in microphone which removes this problem and gives the driver a hands-free method to take the call. Drivers can keep both hands on the wheel and safely drive while talking to their friends and family.



Key Features:


·       Hands-free calling


·       Music streaming


·       Built-in microphone


·       Pair with two Bluetooth devices


·       Over 10 hours of battery life


·       Color options: black, orange



The  iXCC®  Portable Bluetooth Receiver is exclusively sold through Amazon.com and is receiving great reviews:


5 Stars No More Cable Mess With This In The Car

This bluetooth receiver is awesome for the car. I actually own another one from MPOW, that looks almost identical to this one but cost a little bit more. In comparison, I like this one much better.” by Oranjuse Nov 11, 2015 


5 Stars Awesome and must have accessory

Awesome and must have accessory

“I bought this to use with my car. I got tired of having to plug in two cables everytime i sit in the car and cables make everything messy. So I got this BT receiver and plugged the aux cable from my car’s sound system and a charging cable into this little nifty gadget. Now everytime I get into car, my phone detects the BT and I can play music over BT.”

by KnowItAllPhD Nov. 4, 2015




For more details on the iXCC® Portable Bluetooth Wireless Receiver for Home/Car Audio Music Streaming, please visit http://www.amazon.com/Bluetooth-Receiver-Streaming-Universal-Auxiliary/dp/B010U63WJY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1450135398&sr=8-1&keywords=ixcc+bluetooth+receiver

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