JVTank LLC (College Park, MD) has partnered with EVO Payments as their premier choice in payment processing

On Wednesday, December 2, 2015, JVTank LLC (College Park, MD) has partnered with EVO Payments as their premier choice in payment processing. JVTank LLC is an affiliate marketing platform for the vaping industry. This groundbreaking development allows prospective affiliates to get access to a stream of reliable vape-related offers, with a solid payment processing gateway, and a secure checkout environment, backed by PCI-compliant data transfer protocols.

Many financial institutions view vaping as a “high risk” category due to marketplace uncertainty caused by pending FDA rulings. With EVO’s help, JVTank will (1) facilitate instantaneous payments for vendors and affiliates, and (2) enable sellers to keep their business within the FDA guidelines.

JVTank’s mission is to reduce marketplace uncertainty by providing a streamlined experience to vape gear vendors, affiliates and customers who wish to participate in e-commerce activity. Outside observers speculate that this is a major announcement, because accepting payments for online sales of vape-related gear is extremely difficult. JVTank’s partnership with EVO removes a great deal of stress from vendors and affiliates who choose to use the platform to do business.

JVTank’s breakthrough partnership allows e-juice artists, mod builders, RDA builders, and tank manufacturers to bring their products direct to market.

It is generally recognized by vape vendors that accepting credit card payments for online sales is a hassle. The partnership with EVO allows distributors – on every level of the supply chain – to become independent vendors, which, in turn, allows them to supplement their main business revenue stream by generating added income from direct-to-consumer sales.

EVO Payments is a subsidiary of Deutsche Bank. In 1989, EVO was founded in the U.S. as a national independent sales organization. EVO is among the top ten largest non-bank acquirers in the United States, operating as a full service provider for all major credit cards, debit cards, EBT, commercial cards and online payments. EVOs payments infrastructure and dedicated team of professionals support thousands of merchants, sales agents, and other relationships. With business activities in 50 markets and 130 currencies around the world, EVO are now among the largest fully integrated merchant acquirer and payment processors in the world.

Additionally, JVTank has announced that they will provide built-in compliance disclaimers to all items sold on the marketplace. Many vape-gear vendors are unaware that e-commerce sites must display certain disclaimers on pages that accept payments for nicotine related products. All items sold on JVTank will be automatically integrated with legally-mandated age verification technology and proper legal disclaimers that many vape-gear vendors are missing on their websites. This feature serves prospective affiliates by making them feel secure in the knowledge that their promotions are always compliant. This feature also serves vendors by giving them the guaranteed assurance that their offers will not be pulled down mid-promotion, simply due to a missing “Are you over 18?” popup or the mandatory health warning disclaimer. By helping vendors take steps to avoid future liability, JVTank is building added value into their community, which is changing the the vaping industry for the better.

To learn more about JVTank, please visit https://jvtank.com/

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JVTank is set to launch a new dedicated affiliate platform for the Vaping industry. The new platform will allow the industry to expand quicker and increase their sales. It will also allow online marketing experts and website owners to increase their sales.

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