LA-based Actor Offers Advice On Where To Get the Best Acting Headshots In Los Angeles

Headshots for actors are very important. Dean Cassady, an ex-theater actor now pursuing his acting career goals in film & TV industry in Los Angeles gives his experienced advice on how to find the best headshot photographers in Los Angeles and have a great photoshoot session.


As an actor based in LA, Dean is using his experience to offer tips and ideas to aspiring actors in Hollywood looking for actor headshots in LA. Dean’s website Acting Plan & Headshots ( has become an important source of information for actors looking to achieve their dreams.


For actors wanting to gain acting work, either on TV, film or on stage will require a good actor headshot. However, knowing where to get headshots in LA can be confusing, especially when trying to find a professional LA headshot photographer who is also affordable. Through the advice given by Dean Cassady, actors will gain the necessary information and knowledge they need to find the best headshot photographer in Los Angeles, prepare for their headshot photoshoot session, and have a very productive, successful and fun experience.


For more information on actor headshots in LA, please visit Dean’s website with more advice for actors: