Launch New Website offers pet owners the ability to find local pet sitters, In their area. Watchmybud is Airbnb for pets, a one of a kind place, were animal lovers and owners can connect and earn money, to fulfill this much needed service.

San Diego, CA.  February 22, 2016  – Watchmybud LLC, is a company were pet owners around the country, can go and feel confident. That their animal, will be well taken care of. Pet owners are active duty members, working families and professional business men&women. Our loving pet host, which we call “bud’s” will ensure, they have your consideration at hart. Were not just a website. But a community, that wants to create an environment of love, trust and happiness. We offers,  pet sitting, training, grooming and much more. Flexible payment options, and a variety of hosting options.

It takes a few seconds, to sign up. Click on host, book times and checkout and your all done. Our company takes care of the rest for you.

The U.S. Pet Industry is over 60 billion dollars a year business with over 5.2 billion dollar for pet sitting and boarding and a expected yearly revenue of 70-80 billion dollar industry by 2019.

The (CEO) of watchmybud LLC, Mr. Josue Encarnacion said. “That is going to be perfectly position to be one of the top players, within the pet industry in the next few years.”

Users can find detailed information about watchmybud LLC, at, also find additional information at

About Watchmybud LLC.

Watchmybud, is a online platform that allows pet owners to find host, to do pet sitting, grooming, and training for all animals.

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Watchmybud LLC.


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