Learn About Franchising With “The Ultimate Online Franchise Course

The Franchise King®, Joel Libava, a top franchise expert, has just launched his second online franchise course at Franchise Business University, which he owns and operates. “The Ultimate Online Franchise Course” promises to teach prospective franchise business owners how to find, choose, and research money-making franchise opportunities. His first course, “A Proper Introduction To Franchising” was released in July of this year, and has become quite popular. 

 The Ultimate Online Franchise Course is the most comprehensive online course on franchise ownership ever created. The course includes eight separate Modules, with 23 detailed and easy to follow Lessons. The Lessons are taught in a variety of ways including text, video, and audio to keep students engaged. There are printouts, a frighteningly accurate franchise compatibility quiz, and a huge list of business resources included that all students will benefit from.

The Franchise King® promises his students that by the end of the course, they’ll learn:

  • How to only target the franchise sectors that are right for them
  • How to quickly determine which franchise opportunities are money-makers and which ones are duds
  • How to increase their chances of getting a small business loan to start their franchise business
  • How to do powerful and effective franchise research
  • How to find out how much money they’ll be able to make BEFORE they buy a franchise

Hundreds of people, including future entrepreneurs from Australia, India, Great Britain, and of course The United States, signed-up for Joel Libava’s first online course and they came away knowing a lot more about franchising than they did before they took the course. 

“I just finished the course and it has great information. Having read Joel Libava’s book and followed his process on how to research and buy a franchise, a lot of the course was a good review. But I learned some new things about the history of franchising and the interview John Jantsch did with Joel was great.”

– Tom Beesemeyer

“I just took your course, ‘A Proper Introduction To Franchising,’ and I thought it was great! Some of it was already familiar since I’ve read your book – my favorite part was listening to the interview. I found it extremely, extremely refreshing to hear your honest answers about the realities of owning a franchise. It’s nice to hear someone give straight-forward answers.”

– Diane Stafford

The Ultimate Online Franchise Course Focuses On Money-Making Franchise Opportunities

“My new course is designed to teach those interested in buying a franchise how to figure out which franchises they can actually make money owning. Why buy a franchise if you can’t make money as the owner?” The Franchise King® said.

To learn more about The Ultimate Online Franchise Course go to: https://franchisebusinessuniversity.com/the-ultimate-online-franchise-course/

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