Livermore Computer Repair Offer Tips On How To Avoid Viruses


Getting a computer virus can be a person’s worst nightmare, especially if that computer is being used for business. Unfortunately, each day tens of thousands of computers around the world are being hacked or receive a virus. To help combat this Livermore Computer Repair has launched a campaign to offer tips on how to avoid viruses.

When a computer has received a virus, it can start to run slow or damage the operating system. By following these tips, the computer can become much safer and avoid viruses and attacks from hackers.

1.    Change the password on email accounts at least once a month

It is important to change the passwords on email accounts once a month to make it harder for people trying to hack the email account. It is also important not to use the same password with multiple accounts. By mixing the password with numbers and special characters, it makes the password much stronger.

2.    Avoid pop-up ads

It is important to avoid pop-up ads. A lot of people click on these types of ads, but some of them can contain a bad link and make the computer unsafe. It is vital to avoid them and to set Google Chrome, or Firefox to block them.

3.    Failing to update software

When software is not updated, it can make it easier for a person to hack the computer or install a virus. Always make sure that your software is up-to-date and if you are using WordPress, make sure you keep the plugins up-to-date and WordPress is operating with the latest version.

4.    Avoid Downloading illegal online content

Millions of people each day are downloading illegal music and films online. However, by doing this, you are opening yourself up to be attacked by a computer virus. These types of sites are well known for causing computer viruses.

5. Do not click on unknown links in an email

Each day people receive spam emails these emails can be dangerous. If you receive an email from a company or a person you do not know that has a link, do not press it. The link will most likely cause a virus to appear and could result in personal data being stolen from your computer

These are just some of the tips provided by Livermore Computer Repair on how to avoid viruses, to learn more about the company; please visit