Los Angeles Attorney Reaches out to Mariscos San Juan Victims


On Saturday, October 18th, 2015, a local hospital contacted Santa Clara County health officials to report that five people that sought medical attention had been exposed to Shigella. On the next day, Mariscos San Juan, located at 2015 North 4th Street, San Jose had been shut down.


So far, 80 people appear to have been exposed to the contagious organism. At least 12 people are currently fighting for their lives in intensive care units. Health officials believe that, initially, the bacteria spread through an infected food handler working at the San Jose restaurant.


After test labs confirmed the link between the bacteria and consumers experiencing the symptoms, many were urged to avoid contact with others. If the outbreak isn’t controlled, more people could be exposed to the organism in the near future.


Shigella is responsible for 500,000 cases of illnesses nationwide every single year. Symptoms linked to the bacteria include bloody diarrhea, fever, nausea, vomiting, and stomach cramps. In rare occasions, children may experience seizures. The elderly, children, and individuals with compromised immune systems are at greater risk of experiencing severe health issues.


As health officials investigate this tragic outbreak, the attorneys at the Nagelberg Bernard Law Group are ready to help.


We’re currently reaching out to victims and their loved ones and urging them to seek the attention of a doctor. We want to hear their stories and make sure they have the legal help they need. If you are one of the dozens of victims who had their health integrity assaulted due after eating at Mariscos San Juan, contact us immediately at 1-800-250-7960 for a free consultation and evaluation of your case. Learn more by clicking here.


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