Love and let Love Announces Campaign to Advocate for the Rights of LGBTQ

Love and let Love Protecting the Rights of the the LGBTQ Community


Nairobi, Kenya — September 20, 2015 – Love and Let Love is an Initiative to mobilize funds to advocate against homophobia and to advocate for the rights of LGBTQ (Lesbians, Gays Bisexuals, Transgender and Queer) Community in East Africa. The LGBT Community in Kenya, Uganda and the rest of East Africa are a minority group who face discrimination in all aspects of their lives. They are denied access to healthcare and discriminated against in Learning Institutions, Social Places like night clubs and restaurants, government offices and most shocking of all in Churches! The discrimination has in the recent past turned violent; with many of them especially activists who have come out to advocate for the LGBT rights being killed by mob justice and in cold blood.

There is an urgent need to do a public campaign to educate the general public to change their perception against the LGBT community, make them understand their lifestyle, respect and protect the rights of the LGBT.

Love and Let Love is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that need funds to conduct this campaign; the funds will cater for creation and distribution of IEC material e.g. T-Shirt, Caps, Fliers, Poster and Infographics. Organization of forums and workshops for health workers especially reproductive health workers, stakeholders and leaders among many more so as to educate them stop stigmatizing the LGBTQ Community and instead respect and protect their rights. Love and Let Love also intend to setup a private rescue center where victims of homophobia can be given temporary shelter.

Second step is to file a constitutional interpretation to seek an opinion of the Supreme Court of Kenya and the East African Court of Justice. This presents the best avenue to find a permanent and sustainable way of protecting the rights of the LGBT Community in the entire East Africa region.

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Joan Muriuki

Nairobi, Kenya