Making Money Online Blog List Four SEO Rookie Mistakes to Avoid


Millions of people make serious mistakes when looking to promote websites and services with the aim to make money online. Cariman Bogdan a marketing expert has listed four rookie mistakes people make with SEO.



Cariman Bogdan, the founder of a popular making money online blog called Enroll Marketing has launched a campaign to make people aware of the SEO rookie mistakes people make when trying to promote their products, services, and websites. The campaign aims to help people looking to make money online avoid the mistakes that millions of people make on a weekly basis around the world.


Enroll Marketing (, which provides expert advice and tips on making money online has seen how people waste their time and money through common mistakes. Some of those mistakes include hiring people to use Black Hat SEO, which is the quickest way for a website to be penalized by Google.


Cariman Bogdan said: “When looking to make money online it’s important to market products and services the right way. Some people get impatient and try and get their blogs, websites, and splash pages to the top of Google in the shortest time possible by using techniques such as Black Hat that can get them banned.”


Black Hat, is a technique that is often used to try and get websites and splash pages to the top of Google in the shortest time possible. A lot of SEO companies will send marketing emails promoting such services. Cariman advises people looking to make money online to avoid those type of emails and to avoid Black Hat SEO.


The founder of Enroll Marketing has listed the most common SEO mistakes to help people marketing their products and services in the right way.


1. Keep away from Cheap SEO services that offer Black Hat SEO

2. Avoid duplicate content issues

3. Flash Content can cause problems for Google when it comes to ranking. Google finds it hard to read content on a webpage that is not HTML

4. Avoid buying links


By avoiding the four common mistakes, those looking to make money online and market their products and services can do so in the right way without being penalized by Google. The Enroll Marketing blog has become an important source of information to help people avoid common mistakes and help those looking to make money online to do it in the correct way with maximum positive results. The articles are updated on a regular basis with powerful and positive advice.


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