Manchester Airport Car Parking Expert Warns Holidaymakers About Benidorm Pickpockets


One of the most recommended airport parking companies that help people to find cheaper parking at airports around the UK has launched a campaign to make people more aware of pickpockets in Benidorm.


Benidorm has become one of the most visited holiday destinations for UK tourists. Each year the Costa Blanca resort attracts over 5 millions holidaymakers from the UK with many flying from Manchester Airport. However, Benidorm has a serious crime problem in the form of Pea men and Pickpockets. UK Airport Car Parks who save people money on airport car parking has launched a campaign to help people become aware of the crime and provides tips on how they can be safe and less of a target for criminals.


Although it was claimed the crime in Benidorm has reduced, tourists, residents and business owners do not agree. Each week there are shocking stories of people being pickpocketed and mugged while trying to enjoy their holiday in the sun. A lot of the pickpocketing according to UK Airport Car Parks happens when people are fooled into watching the Pea Men, which are normally located near the indoor market. When people stop and watch the pea men, a woman or another member of the team walks around the crowd and pickpockets unsuspecting holidaymakers. It’s only when they reach into their pockets later that day that they find they have had their money stolen.


Chris Fryer from UK Airport Car Parks said: “Pickpocketing has become a serious problem in Benidorm, and shockingly nothing is being done by the local council or the police.”


The tips provided by UK Airport Car Parks to become less of a target include:


1.    Leave your passport in the safe


2.    It is important not to carry all of your money with you, only carry what you need


3.    Never be tempted to watch the pea men in action, always walk straight past


4.    Be aware of your surroundings, if someone gets to close then move away or ask them what they are doing.


5.    If you feel anyone is trying to pickpocket you then make a scene, make other people aware of what they are trying to do.


UK Car Parks has said although Benidorm is a very popular and special place, it does have a serious crime problem. The many complaints at the present moment, which are backed up by the airport-parking expert is the lack of action by the police over the crime problem.


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