ME Accessories Announces Kickstarter Initiative for SeparAide


The SeparAide™ alters how you transfer slow cooker meals to your dinner table. The only kitchen grade silicone slow cooker strainer!


Charlottesville, VA – October 18, 2015 – The slow cooker has been around since the early 1970s, and has been relatively untouched. It’s a simple small appliance, and works well for anybody. However, there is always a way to improve and that’s how ME Accessories started. The founders of ME Accessories were using their slow cooker and asked the question, “why isn’t there a device that will separate the chicken from the liquid?” That’s how the SeparAide™ came into existence. It revolutionizes the slow cooking world!

SeparAide™ and Insert are the first of their kind. ME Accessories has revolutionized the design and manufacturing of their product for your slow cooker. The SeparAide™ allows slow cooker users to easily transfer, lift, and strain their slow cooker meals so that they don’t have to play a game of “search and rescue” with a spoon, or lift the stoneware out to pour the food contents into an awaiting strainer in the sink. The Insert provides a mulita-level cooking and the true ability to separate your slow cooker contents while cooking.

ME Accessories has finalized their SeparAide™ and Insert slow cooker accessories prototypes, but are moving to the production phase which requires significant capital and scale. They started a Kickstarter campaign to help finance the required tooling and meet their minimum order quantities. Help bring the first revolution to your slow cooker since its inception.


About ME Accessories

ME Accessories are Micah and Erica Terrell, a husband and wife team who decided to start a small business revolved around cooking more efficiently. Micah is a military veteran and Erica played collegiate basketball; nutrition and fitness are staples in their lives. Like many small businesses, they just felt there was a better way to enhance standard practices.  People are too busy nowadays, and looking for more efficient ways to accomplish tasks. ME Accessories truly feels their products will revolutionize your cooking and baking processes. They wanted to personalize their business and that’s why we named themselves ME, the founders’ initials.   ME Accessories merges the gap for efficiency giving those precious seconds back to you. From ME to You!


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Micah & Erica Terrell

Charlottesville, VA