ME Accessories Announces The SeparAide™ for Slow Cookers

The SeparAide™ alters how you transfer slow cooker meals to your dinner table. The only kitchen grade silicone slow cooker strainer!

Charlottesville, VA – November 2, 2015 – Imagine being able to cook your favorite pot roast for dinner tonight and no longer having to fish through your slow cooker to find your food. ME Accessories has taken the search and rescue technique out of your slow cooker meals by patenting and developing a unique slow cooker strainer. Thanks to this ingenious strainer, the days of lifting the heavy stoneware out of the slow cooker and transferring to a colander in your sink to locate your food is gone.

The ME Accessories SeparAide™ unique strainer is a proprietary slow cooker accessory that fits snug in your existing slow cooker and allows you to effortlessly separate your cooked food from the cooking liquid. Their strainer also includes a unique feature that enables foods to cook simultaneously; but separately by providing a multi-level cooking rack.

The founders of SeparAide have been working on their product for the past few years. They created a Kickstarter page in order to purchase the necessary molds and the first order of inventory. The goal of their Kickstarter campaign is $50,000 and encourage contributors to be among the first to reserve one from their first production shipment. When you pledge at the $25 (plus shipping) level, you are assured to receive your own SeparAide upon successful completion of the Kickstarter campaign. Keep in mind there is a limited amount available, so act on this opportunity!! No money is actually exchanged until we have successfully met their goal.

About ME Accessories
ME Accessories is comprised of a husband and wife team who decided to start a small business revolved around cooking more efficiently. Micah Terrell is a military veteran and Erica Terrell played collegiate basketball; nutrition and fitness are staples in their lives. Like many small businesses, they just felt there was a better way to enhance standard practices. People are too busy nowadays, and looking for more efficient ways to accomplish tasks. Micah and Erica truly feel that their products will revolutionize your cooking and baking processes. They wanted to personalize their business and that’s why they named themselves ME, the founders’ initials. ME Accessories merges the gap for efficiency giving those precious seconds back to you. From ME to You!

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