Menon Holdings Group optimistic about Africa


Abu Dhabi – UAE – The Menon Holdings Group, a boutique asset management conglomerate and investment advisory firm, announced that it has been nominated for “The MENA Outstanding Innovation Award of the Year” at the Seventh Annual International  Summit organised by The MENA Advisor.


We are pleased to be recognised for our efforts in developing innovative financing mechanisms for projects in the GCC/Africa region  despite the volatility and challenging times” said a Liaison Officer of the firm. “Acknowledgement of our capabilities by The MENA Advisor is a bonus. We are well positioned to providing bespoke M&A advice and our teams are equipped to collect relevant market intelligence to originate and execute high value deals


The spokesperson further added “We have been able to deliver growth with a carefully  articulated plan. Going forward, Africa as a market is growing. It is a significant market for the business that we are in. We are committed to further increase our footprint in this market and by building on a market momentum, our risk  appetite and our long association with Africa. We are optimistic about what the future holds in this market.


Each year, The MENA Advisor (A Middle East & North Africa Business Summit organiser  and newsletter serving the regional finance industry) recognises deal-making firms and professionals serving the $50 million — $1 billion (AUM) space in areas such as innovation in investment banking, financial services and private equity. The awards are announced by an independent panel of experts drawn from a cross-section of the finance professionals from GCC region.


Menon Holdings Group is amongst one of the few oldest firms advising clients across  GCC & Africa. The group has been involved in more than 150 transactions in the region. The group is bullish on Africa especially on infrastructure such as railways, economic zones, freight corridors etc. The company intends to expand its businesses inline with demographic trends that are expected to underpin growth in the years ahead.  Sectors of the economy that the company believes will benefit most from such trends include infrastructure, energy, media, communication, logistics and the export sector. From an investment perspective, the cost of capital being a major advantage when investing in emerging markets such as Africa, the group believes they can expand their financial services offerings and has commenced dialog  for partnerships with financial institutions.  Menon Holdings Group perceives an opportunity for Africa to create wealth and prosperity by leveraging on technology, services and citizens in a smart way. The quantum leap that Africa can take, presents for the group an opportunity at sustainable wealth creation for all stakeholders involved.


About Menon Holdings Group

Menon Holdings Group is an alternate asset management conglomerate established 1954, primarily focused on providing financing solutions for projects in developing countries – Asia, Africa and Latin America. It has been the recipient of numerous awards including “SADC Investment Bank of the Year”, “ECOWAS-BOSA Excellence Award”.





Richard Allen

Public Relations & Liaison

The Menon Holdings Group