New App Launched On iTunes To Help Children Sleep


Instant Baby Dream – Lullaby and Sleeping Sounds, provides parents with a perfect way to help their children go to sleep in a relaxed way. It has become an important tool for parents.



A new app has been launched on iTunes that tunes mobile devices into an important tool for parents. The Instant Baby Dream – Lullaby and Sleeping Sounds consists of nine great lullabies that help relax young children when they are feeling restless and sends them to sleep.


One of the biggest problems parents face with young children is trying to convince them to go to sleep when they are overtired and cranky. By using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch, the parent can choose from nine different sounds to help relax the child.


A spokesman for the new app said: “This is a baby sleep application with lullabies. As well as providing nine high-quality lullabies we also provide a 3 hours long lullaby.” 



The new app has only recently been launched but already its helping parents to send their children to sleep.


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