New Board Game Has Been Launched To Teach People The Names Of The States Of America

A new exciting game has been launched for all the family to play that helps people to learn all the names of the states in the USA. The game has received great reviews and is currently available on offer as a pre-sale.

We have got together with the inventor of Keys To The Capitals board game to find out more about the reason behind the game and how the inventor feels about the exposure the game is receiving.

1.    Tony Tinervia, Jr, you have invented the board game Keys To The Capitals, can you tell me more about the game?

KEYS TO THE CAPITALS is a fun, educational game teaching players the fun way to learn capitals without the pressure of knowing them; they learn by memory of holding them in their hand. Rolling two special effect to attempt matching icons of 6 special effects. If they match effect takes place before rolling regular dice. Each player picks a destination card from key card deck to head to. It is a 1 in 36 odds to get special effect and occurs 20-30 times a game. I use to keep track from 1-83 games, but my therapist told me to stop that OCD. I did still fun playing lol, Homesick is most common and not good between West Coast and East Coast capitals. Speed freak is good in that situation, steal card, and extra key, lose turn, and two turns are the six effects. Game play is 45-60 minutes, very exciting, fun and laughs at special effects.

2.    Why did you decide to invent the game?

I invented the game to bring families and friends together. A lot of children and young adults play computer games, but you cannot sit round a table and have fun with computer games. My board game allows the family to get together and friends and have fun.

3.    With computer games being all the rage at the moment, do you feel people still play board games?

Millions of people do play computer games, but now board games are becoming more popular than ever before. Some people are now getting board playing computer games on their own; board games provide real interaction.

4.    What can board games offer that computer games cannot?

Board games bring people together. You can play a board game anywhere, at a friend’s house, at the office, and even in the park.

5.    Keys To The Capitals is not just an amazing game for the whole family to play, but its also an educational game, what was the reason behind that?

Education is important. Tens of millions of people do not know the names of the states in the USA, so I thought I would combine a game together with a bit of education while at the same time making it fun. The games allow people to learn all the states without them feeling they are back at school learning.

6.    Keys To The Capital has already gained a great deal of exposure and great reviews, how does that make you feel?

When I see all the great reviews, it makes me feel proud. I am so happy that people are enjoying the game and playing it again and again.

7.    For people wishing to buy the game, where can they purchase it?

The game can be bought by visiting

About Tony Tinervia Jr.

Retired in 2010 to care full-time for my parents, my father had Alzheimer’s 2001-2012, and I went part time in 2001. I have learned I do have Asperger Syndrome, and I am high functioning, and people with this form of autism can be creative and invent new products. Not too much professional career due to the autism. I enjoyed my graveyard shifts of being hotel night auditor and get less public contact. Mostly service providing jobs from 1979-2010. I enjoy caring for my mother full time at her age of 89. My goal is to keep her well like her brother who is 93 and lives near the capital of Ohio. She has enjoyed playing prototype so much.