New Crowdfunding Campaign Launched To Offer Privacy Software For Free


3 billion people use the Internet, but a large portion of them are not protected, causing them to be a victim of cyber crime. The new Privacy software aims to help those people for free.


Badosoft Development is pleased to announce they have launched a crowdfunding campaign to offer privacy software for free. The campaign has been launched on the platform. The aim of the campaign is to raise $79,000 to develop the software and offer it free to the world to make the Internet safer.


The crowdfunding campaign ( is seen as one of the most important campaigns on the platform, helping people to stay safe while surfing online.


A spokesman for Badosoft Development said: “Cyber crime is increasing, and action needs to be taken. Through our free privacy software, computer users can stay safe and avoid being a victim.”


By supporting the campaign, it sends a clear message out to cyber criminals, “You are not having access to our personal information”. A donation of just $10 will help bring the software to life and provide people with a free way to stay safe online instead of paying a yearly subscription fee or expensive software.


To learn more about the crowdfunding campaign and how to stay safe online, please visit